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Jane fro Uni.

Out of the blue, Jane called. We are in the long summer holiday, although, of course, I'm working. I'm in the office two days a week right now, with three being devoted to college work. 

Anyway, Jane phoned and asked if we could spend the day together. Ok, I admit it. I was wet just talking to her, knowing full well what 'spend the day together' would end up with. Amy is still in Australia, and I'm sure we will both have a lot to tell each other when she comes home next week. 

So, I invite Jane to the farm. She arrived just before lunch, and after, we went for a walk. It wasn't long before she started to talk about sex with Allan. "A lot of it is the fact that he's married. It's kinda powerful, seducing a married man, isn't it? Also, I admit, I like tasting his dick after he's fucked his wife." I asked if there was a chance of a threesome there. Jane said she would go for it, but it's a question of whether Allan's wife, Cath would. 

Jane and I held hands as we walked to and then into the forest. "Thing is" Jane continued "I find I want things I can't ask Allan for." I commented that it seemed to me like he would do anything for her. She said "yeah, well, he will....mostly. I've had my first anal with him, and we both love that. But oh, I don't even know what I want! Something wild.....dirty...nasty. I don't even know what, but there must be more, mustn't there?" 

So, I suggested being really teased. Teased to the point of crying. Teased to the point of spontaneous orgasm. As I planned she asked how! I told her to lie down and then, I hitched my skirt up and squatted over her face. "Look at my panties. You can see they're wet, and I know you can smell me....but you mustn't touch me in any way. No fingers......and you can't touch yourself." I made her stay like that and then I told her to stand up and strip naked. 

She stood there, looking like a woodland nymph. "Anyone, and I mean anyone walking through here now will see you naked. You are not to cover your breasts or pussy. You must let them see you....and touch you.....and fuck you if they want." I could see by the flush across her neck that she liked this. I tucked her clothes into a hollow tree and we walked on about half a mile so she would be truly exposed. Then, I made her lie down again, and, as before, I squatted over her face. I was wetter than ever now (although slightly disappointed we hadn't met anyone on our walk). As before, I would only let her smell me. 

Then, I said "gotta get off you....need a pee." Her husky voice simply said "Don't. Stay" I told her no, I really did need to go, I felt two hands lightly on my hips. "Please. Please don't move....just.....just do it. I want to watch." I took a deep breath and relaxed myself. Very slowly, like a naughty girl, I wet myself for her. I could see how horny it made her. Her cunt was glistening and visibly lazing wetness as I peed. 

As you know, I've been a panty pisser for years. Jane also seemed to love it. I glanced down and saw I was peeing onto her neck. Then, as the very last drop left me, I felt it. I felt her kiss my panties. Then kiss again. And again and again. I felt her tongue would find its way under the elastic and into me, and as usual, I came hard and in seconds. 

Jane was breathless. "Yes! That's it! Oh Fuck Claire! That's the most erotic thing I've ever done!" I thought to myself no, it's not....not yet. I declned her request to make her cum, telling her I've got better plans for her. 

We walked back to where we hid her clothes, me in VERY wet panties, and her totally naked, leaving a little scent trail, of cunt in the forest. She put her panties back on and that's when I stopped her. "Your turn." This time, I lay down and made her squat over me. I saw the swelling of her cunt lips. I saw the dew whisps of hair the razor had missed, and I saw the wet patch....soon to be much, much wetter. She smelled gorgeous. Ready. Wanton. 

I gently urged her "Just relax, and let it go." She immediately objected, saying that I would get wet too. "And what makes you think I wouldn't like, that? " Jane took a few moments before I saw the damp stain suddenly swell, her panties filled and a thin stream flowed over my neck and chin. 

This time, though, I kissed her as she was doing it. 

After? Well, I fell on her, jamming my fingers into her wet panties and fucking her to, orgasm...first vaginally, but then I remembered how much she said she liked it anally. I eased two fingers into her bum hole and fucked her...much more gently than in her cunt, but it brought her off. She fingered me, both vaginally and anally at the same time! 

This isn't the end of the story, though. 

A few weeks later, I got another call from Jane. Allan has told Cath about his indiscretion with Jane, and he, Cath and Jane met. "It was really weird!" She exclaimed "At first, I thought she was going to hit me, but then, we went for dinner a, after, we went back, to their place and Cath said "well. Ok then. Show me what I missed!" She wanted to watch us fuck! Right there in her lounges after a few minutes, she had her hand between her legs and was wanking herself...then....then she joined in! I ended up licking his cum from her hole! She was most interested in anal. Apparently, they've tried it, but she couldn't get him up her that way. I took ages fingering her bum, but well, I guess she was just so horny. Either way, I saw her getting it up the arse for the first time in her life! "

Well, Amy is back soon.....I hope there will be lots to tell.....after we get out of bed, that is.

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