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Stealing Panties and Masturbating

When I was in the US Air Force, my wife and I were stationed in Germany for 3 years.  I was sent TDY (Temporary Duty) to a small US air base in Belgium for about 3 weeks.  Because the base was so small, there were no quarters on base for us, so we were put up in a small little hotel in a nearby village.  At the hotel, there was a beautiful young lady who stayed there and worked at the desk during the day.  She was a local Belgian girl, probably about 19 or 20, petite with small titties, waist and hips.  She was really cute and really hot.  I'd been there about 2 weeks already, and was really horny from not being able to have sex with my wife, and enjoyed fantasizing about being with this cute Belgian girl.

One day after work as we came back to the hotel, I saw her hanging some of her laundry out to dry on a clothesline outside. There were panties, stockings (not panty hose) and bras.  The clothesline was behind the hotel near the parking area.  I could see that area from the window in my room, and I watched her hanging her laundry and fantazized about her some more. When she went back inside a bit later, decided that I'd grab a pair of her panties to enjoy. I went out like I was getting something from the truck, and as I walked back to the door I checked to make sure that no one else was near by. I reached out and grabbed a pair of her panties off the clothes line, stuffed them in my pocket and took them back to my room with me.  

They were either nylon or silk, pale blue in color and were so soft and smooth. I used them to rub my cock and jacked off into them several times that evening, while fantasizing about her.   It would have been better if they hadn't just been washed clean, and would have still had her scent on them.  I did smell them deeply, but it was just the scent of laundry detergent. Even so, just knowing that she had been wearing them, I shot and smeared multiple loads of cum into them anyway.  Next, I climbed up onto the table in the room and hid the panties above one of the tiles in the suspended ceiling, in case she or some of the hotel staff might wonder who had taken them and looked in the rooms in the daytime while we were working on base.  

I retreived those panties every evening and used them to jack off, thinking about her and cumming on them or onto myself, and wiping the cum up with them. 

A couple of days later, she had more of her things hanging out on the line.  I saw the opportunity to grab a pair of stockings and one of her thin sexy bras.  The pair of stockings went in one pants pocket and the bra went into the other.  I went in my room, got her panties down from my hiding place, and laid the bra, panties and stockings on the bed in the position like she would be wearing them.  I stood and started jacking off just looking at them, then I grabbed one of the stockings and pulled it up over my cock and balls, feeling the soft smooth nylon over my cock.  I had a strong orgasm, and watched my cum ooze out through the mesh of that single stocking.

The bra was really thin with no padding, which explained why her nipples were sometimes visible poking out under her blouse.  It was a beige skin-like color, and I used it to get aroused, rubbing it on my face, chest and cock, imagining how it would look and feel with her small titties in the bra cups.  I jacked a load of cum inside the cups, shooting from one to the other until I had nothing left to spurt.

I used those stockings, panties and bra every evening for the remainder of the week or so that we were staying there. I would either pull one of the stockings up over my cock and balls, or would wrap the stocking tightly around my cock. By the time we left, all of them were getting pretty crusty with dried cum, but I imagined that I was cumming on them while she was wearing them.

When we finished the job at the base, I just left the bra, panties and stockings crusted with my dried cum up in the ceiling. I've often wondered if some worker found them at a later date and what he thought about the find. 

Today, I feel really bad about stealing her stuff and knowing that she had to go out and buy replacements.  But I don't regret the masturbatory pleasure I got from them.

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