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My Last Contribution.

Last night was unusually difficult. My mind was torn between wanting to write about my sexual experiences forever, I don't even know why the thought troubled me so much, but it did. I love sex, and I love talking about it. It filled my head all evening until I felt quite sad about it all. So, to divert myself, I went next door to talk to Chris.

Chris's right arm is out of plaster now, and to that extent, he is fully functional. We watched a DVD that had some sexy scenes in it, and I saw him getting stiff under the sheet that was covering him. In that moment, I realised that I missed seeing his cock. It is large, and bends slightly to his right. I remembered when it was inside me, and how, if you get the angle just right it hits my g-spot a treat.

When we couldn't ignore it any more I said something stupid like "looks like you're ready for action." Chris stretched out a little on the bed and said "yeah, well, I haven't taken care of business today yet, so fuck off and let me deal with it." Instead, I reached under the sheet, and wrapped my fingers around the shaft. Fuck, he felt good, and my quim opened inside me, ready and waiting to receive him.

I began to masturbate him the way I know he likes it, long, firm grip and slow. Chris responded as I knew he would with a series of moans, groans and "Fuck, Claire, that's feels amazing." He's very vocal during sex which I don't mind at all.  It was very erotic doing it under the sheet though. I couldn't see the results of my efforts, and when he suddenly stiffened in my hand and I felt the spasms as he shot his load into the sheet, well, that was something new for me... a blind wank!

I know that he likes to be wanked down as well as wanked up, so I kept going, but much much slower. He subsided a bit as all guys do, but not much. He was still hard, and that's when my good resolve went for a walk.

I pulled the sheet from him and enjoyed the sight of his cock in the air. It felt the most natural thing in the world to just lean forward and take him in my mouth. The salty tang of his cum tasted like, well, just what I needed. As I leaned over the bed, I felt his hand grope up my t-shirt (which was all I was wearing) and his fingers expertly pushed inside me.

I realised it had been a while since Christina fucked off, and that it had been a while since I had been fucked too. But, I told myself, I didn't want to have sex with anyone. Trouble is, that was not true. Right there and then I knew I had to crawl on the bed, straddle him and take him inside me. Oh, it felt amazing! How I'd missed this! You know, I didn't actually do much fucking. I just impaled myself on that monster cock and Chris, bless him, fiddled my clit. He knows exactly how to touch it too. In a few minutes I was grinding my hips on him, feeling that fat cock fill every inch of my twat, and then, oh fucking hell... then the longest lasting orgasm of my fucking life hit. It just kept coming, wave after wave after wave. Each movement, either me or his fingers kept the thrill alive.

When Chris said "Oh fuck, Claire, I'm gonna cum wanna get off?" I decided that no, I didn't, and I let him spurt his seed deep inside me. I lay half on him, half off, for a long time afterwards with him slowly subsiding inside me.

Then I did something I've never done before. I fell asleep and stayed asleep beside him the whole night. I've never slept with a boy, as in slept the night... fucked, then slept.... you know? I liked it a lot.

When I got up and showered this morning, of course I had to walk back to my room first. I felt him trickling out of me and down my legs. Now there's a feeling I like a lot! Some girls shower inside, if you know what I mean, but I don't. I knew Chris would be oozing out of me into my panties all day, but that's ok. I like both the feeling and the scent.

So, on the long, tedious bus ride to work this morning, I'm writing this final contribution. It's time to move my life forward.  Thank you for reading my insane rambling, and for being part of my emergence into a fully sexual person. It's been lovely to share everything, and truth to tell, I've had as many orgasms masturbating while telling you of things I've done than I have had doing them in the first place. I've never yet written anything without a hand between my legs at some point!


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