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A Booth With A View On A Weekend Getaway

With reservations made and the kids notified, we set out Thursday evening on the 4 hour drive to our favorite hotel, we both enjoy the drive as much as the destination because since the kids no longer have an interest in going with us it always results in me wearing a skirt or sundress on the drive. I'll entertain him which makes the trip go faster.

Of course this trip was no different and by the time we got to the hotel and to the room we took care of each others' needs and not leaving to room for the rest of the evening..

This usually sets the tone for the weekend ... doing more daring things we'd never think of doing at of them is the pact we made of not wearing underwear, for him its no big deal but for me wearing skirts is... It's not that I don't enjoy it because I do, but I just have to pay more attention to where I walk and sit...

Firday we set out to do our usual shopping and eating (and of course drinking) when we finally decided to stop at a little restaurant/bar and have a drink. It was very quiet so we opted for a table where no one was facing me just in case I'd forget about my situation of not wearing

 Other than the 2 old men sitting at the bar and a waitress, we had the place to ourselves for the first 10 minutes or so when another couple came in and sat at a table maybe 15 ft.away, the guy facing me and his wife with her back to us, and like us came in for a drink.

 I was instantly aware of where he was sitting but figured he was far enough away that he couldn't see my secret anyway but none the less turned a little so my legs wern't facing him.

 It was probably somewhere our second drink I'd realised I was paying no attention to him and hoped I didn't accidently give him a peep show but looking at him it looked as if he was giving his wife his full attention but started to watch him a bit closer.

 In doing so I would watch as eyes would wonder toward my legs and then quickly back to his wife, knowing he could only see a bit of leg I thought it was kind of cute.

 By now I'm starting to feel the effects of my 2nd drink and discussing what we were going to do it next and what he was going to do to me and having this younger man paying attention to my legs I secretly decided I'd have a bit of fun with him and keeping my knees locked together I pointed my legs toward him, this caught his attention and he began looking at my legs more often, the whole time everyone engaged in conversations with the spouses.

Of course I could only sit like this a short time and before I thought ...lets see if he's paying attention and slightly seperated my knees wondering just how much he could see if anything and also realising this whole thing is really starting to arouse me.

 This game went on for a bit when it became apperant that my legs had certainly caught his attention because from time to time I would shift my body and in doing so give him more and more of a show.

 I thought I was being careful watching his eyes hoping not to get caught when suddenly I looked at his face and he was looking right at me...awkward...I quickly looked away..but like looking at an accident I had to look back and this time he gave me a slight smile and then shifted his eyes back to my legs as if to tell me he was enjoying the show,of course neither of our spouses had any idea any of this was going on as he stared at my now opened legs.

 As we continued to exchange glances I happened to watch him as he reached down and placed his hand over his cock as if he was pushing it down. He then looked up and smiled at me again then placed his fingers on the leg hole of his shorts,

It was then I realised that he was actually trying to give me a view of his cock but with little sucess..then watched as he stood up and ecused himself from the table and walked to the men's room.

 I had no idea if he was wanting me to follow or what but there was no way that was happening and was continuing my conversation with hubby when I noticed him come back out and ..again giving me a slight smile and sitting back down.

 Almost instantly after he sat down his hand went back down to his pant leg but this time pulling the tip of his cock out of his shorts and in plain sight.... OMG...did I take this too first I looked away and closed my legs this time for a few minutes but it was like I was on a mission...soon my legs parted and eventually I again looked under his table, by now he had worked even more out of his shorts and he was clearly erect.....very legs instantly opened further knowing by now he had a very clear view of my now wet pussy.

 By now even totally aroused I began to feel guilty and whispered to my husband..Oh my god..I forgot that couple was over there..I think he can see up my skirt..(ok..I wasn't exactly telling him the whole truth )..but he quickly comes back with...lucky guy! he still looking ?..

Not sure (ok another lie...) yeah, I think so.

 are you facing him?


 Think he can see?

 Well, my legs are closed. (lie)

 Gives me a smile.. Tell me what he does if you open them a little...

  No way......

 Oh do it... See what he does..

Oh Crap...I think he can see right up..he looked

Is he staring?

 No, not really.. Just keeps glancing down 

 You know you're giving him a hardon right now, don't you....

I'd better stop...

Naaa... You have a cute pussy... Give him a show...What's he doing now?.. What's his wife doing?

Talking to his wife...and looking at my don't think she has a clue.

This getting you horny ?

 A ?

I'm hard as a fucking rock right now!

I think he is too...hahahahaha

  I think he's rubbing it...yep he is..OH Crap..I think he's touching it ...

 Are you kidding? looks like he's rubbing his tip with his fingers..should I stop ?

 Hell no..unless you want to..I'll bet you can make him jack off right there...

Oh god..he is...and just talking to his wife like nothing is happening

 I'll bet you can make him up to it?

 LOL...kinda fun..think I can?..should I touch mine?

 Yesss...god I wish I could watch this...

 With that I slowly place my hand between my legs and begin circling my now very wet pussy..then slide my index finger through my folds,giving me the rush of a lifetime.

 Ohh...must feel good...looking at your face...whats he doing?

 still rubbing it.....Damn you..this feels good...

 I'll watch for the waitress..just keep going...

 sweetie..not sure which of us is gonna cum first !!!

God you're so bet is he will

OH My God...yep...pretty sure he's cumming....yep...he isssssss ...and I'm on the fringeeeeee

Cum for me sweetie...

 And with that I had the more powerful yet quiet orgasm I think i've ever had and glancing over at him I watched as he stuffed his cock back in his pants, finished their drinks and leave..I am still 99% sure she had no idea what he was doing and honestly don't care..we did hit a few more bars before retiring to yet another sex filled night.

 God I love our little mini vacations








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