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A Warm Summer Night on the Patio

Quick story

The other night I was sitting on my patio on a pretty warm night, about 75 degrees. It was around midnight and my wife was already asleep. I was browsing the internet and decided to read a few stories on solotouch. Of course and as usual, I began to get aroused as I read a story about an a man and his trip Asian massage parlor. I've been to plenty massage parlors so I could relate and as I was reading his story I began to think back on some of my experiences of those small soft Asian hands wrapped around my member. Then I read a few Mom/Aunt stories, which are my favorite, I've always been attracted to my aunt so its a fantasy that I've yet to fulfill.

Because it was pretty warm, I didn't have a shirt on with a pair of shorts but no underwear. I was so horny after reading the stories that I began to play with nipples and at this point my cock is throbbing. I pull it out from under the legs of the shorts and stroked and squeezed only the head. I finally gave in and pulled my cock all the way out and started wanking. No one was outside but I didn't care if they were. I kind've wanted the mature women that lives next to me to see...After about 7 mins, I shot a MAJOR load, I felt every rope of cum travel from my balls all the way out my cock, it was great. I may do the same thing tonight.

Take care!

Posted on: 2016-07-30 12:01:01 | Author: