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My Favorite Technique

I discovered this technique by accident one summer at camp when I was 14. I was laying in bed in the bunkhouse showing all the other boys my hard-on. I wasn't jacking off, I was just laying there with my pajama bottoms pulled down and my cock arching up over my belly.

I must have been like that for 30 minutes, bragging about how hard my cock was and how good it felt, and letting the other kids look enviously at it...when all of a sudden it felt REALLY good. As impossible as it seemed, I realized in a panic that I was about to shoot my load! But even as that thought hit me, it was already too late, because the first wad of cum was spurting out. There was not a thing I could do to stop it. All I could do was lay there motionless watching cum shoot out of my cock over and over again. It just seemed to go on forever. I never felt so helpless and embarrassed in my life, but at the same time I couldn't help but feel how incredibly intense an orgasm I was having! The mixture of awful embarrassment and almost unbearable pleasure was quite unique!

Needless to say, once I got home I decided to try and 'think' myself into ejaculating again. It wasn't long before I succeeded. I've been doing it for almost ten years now, and it always produces the most intense orgasms.

My advice to anyone who wants to try is to wait until you're so horny you could scream, and then just lay down in bed and stare at your cock. No matter how much you want to grab it and start stroking, don't do it! Just stare at it. It'll seem like cock-abuse at first, but the more you stare the harder your cock gets. The harder it gets, the better it feels. You can coax it along by imagining your favorite fantasy.

Eventually, you will feel your orgasm just about to start. Since you aren't jacking off, you will be able to feel every subtle phase of the process, from being aroused, to feeling your cock stiffen dramatically, to feeling the cum starting to well up in your groin, to the point of no return when you know the next thing you see will be your cock ejaculating. You your aching cock-head will swell enormously and flush reddish purple. That first load of cum will billow out, and then the hard spurting will start and you will groan and writhe as wave after wave of pleasure courses through your whole body and your cock spasms itself through the most intense orgasm of your life! This is the point where you will want to grab it and stroke it more than anything else in the world, but don't do it! Just let the orgasm finish by itself.

One thing you will notice, if you're like me, is that the orgasm never really finishes. Minutes after the main spurting is over, you will still be gasping over little twinges and thrills and spasms in your cock. If you like, you can start stroking after just a few minutes and have another orgasm on the spot.

The only problem with this technique is that I can't do it more often than once every few days. I can jack off to orgasm practically hourly, same as always, but I have to go without masturbating for at least a few days or a week before I can do a 'no-hands.' But it's well worth it!

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