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Testing Out a Theory

I have been a confirmed masturbator as long as I can remember. I enjoy the touch, the feel, the tension as well as the orgasm. All part of self pleasure are important to me. While the orgasm is special, all everything makes it a worthwhile past- time.

Anyway. In college I received my first blow job, and gave my first oral sex to my then girlfriend. I love both of these aspects of sex, but that is another story... Well, a while after my first blowjob, I felt I should experience what my girlfriend was going through -- the old spit or swallow question. I remembered back to a discussion that a bunch of us had about a guy who could suck his own cock -- and made money at parties doing this "trick". I wondered if I could do the same. Popular opinion being that this is nearly impossible.

I am somewhere between 7.5 and 8 inches when erect -- it depends on the height of arousal.. and I guess this about average length. Having never even tasted my own cum, I thought I would try to kill 2 birds with one stone.

When I knew I had the house to myself, I stripped down and began to look at some penthouse magazines I had stashed behind my bookshelf. After masturbating for a while and becoming completely erect and excited, I lay on the floor and flipped my legs up over my head. It was a good start.... There I was staring right at the head of my cock. Just the thought of me in this position and what I was trying to do was hugely exciting to me.. I was pretty flexible, and with effort, and the help of pushing up against my dresser was able to just get the head of my penis into my mouth. I could not actually make any head or body motions like a blow job would entail -- every time I tried that my penis would pop out of my mouth and waggle tantalizingly in front of my face. I could not, however suck on my cock, so I touched myself, stroking my shaft with my hand while suckling my cock head with my tongue and lips. It was so very exciting that I had an excellent orgasm. I swallowed all of my cum and felt great that I could now understand what my girlfriend went through (kind of ) when she gave me a blow job. I also realized that my cum does not taste bad -- just a bit salty.

I used to do this every once in a while when I was in college...I figured that if so many guys said it could not be done, then I could do something pretty unique. Now that I am over 40 it is impossible to get my cock into my mouth, but once in a while I try. Usually I just masturbate in this position and try to catch the cum in my mouth... I don't have the best aim when I am cumming, and tend to shoot all over my chest and face.

Posted on: 2003-12-03 17:17:37 | Author: