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Thought I should pass on a way I found (by accident!) that leads to fantastic orgasms / ejaculatory - gasping for breath, satisfactions.

Fill the first 50cm (2 inches) of a condom with sufficient lubrication to well cover the business end of your cock. Roll the condom to the base of your cock or so that it is nearly fully unrolled. Now stretch it over your entire scrotum, enclosing both testicles. Carefully slip each testicle out of the bag, so that a 'roll' of your scrotum remains held in the condom. Now rub your cock to spread the lubricant evenly over it. Start and continue to slowly slide the condom up and down, each up stroke pulls the scrotum flap and gently shakes your balls, until the urge to speed to a wonderful outpouring becomes irresistible. Try it and you will want more.

Posted on: 2003-08-12 00:00:00 | Author: