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The Household Vibrator

Last week when my dad was trimming his hair with an electric razor, I heard a very intriguing buzz. I've never really noticed it, but I must have been particularly horny that day. After he finished, I went in and turned it on. It vibrated so hard and fast that I couldn't WAIT for the house to be empty to try it!!! I put a plastic sandwich bag over the end (so it wouldn't cut me) and then covered that with a sock. It made a perfect little hand-held toy. MAN!!! I played for almost an hour with that baby... I came over and over and over! It was also very easy to clean up after-- just throw the WET sock into the dirty clothes hamper and throw away the plastic baggie. Easy, fast, discreet, and FUN!!! Try it-- I know you'll love it!

Posted on: 2003-04-25 00:00:00 | Author: