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Phone Sex with an old girlfriend - 1

I've masturbated for as long as I can remember, and over the years I've had the pleasure of watching a few lovers masturbate too.   I've also shared masturbation with women I've known online, and on the phone.   The following is the first of a couple of stories involving an old girlfriend.

Several years ago I had an on-again off-again girlfriend (out-of-state, so mostly off-again) who used to like to call from time to time to talk.   The call would last a couple of hours or more, then maybe she'd call again in a couple of weeks, or maybe I'd not hear from her again for months.

One night she called, and as was my habit while we talked, I lightly rubbed my cock, thinking of some of the good times we'd had in bed, and knowing that after the call had ended, I'd pump out a good, full load thinking about one or more of those times.    And believe me, after a couple of hours of building things up, backing off, and building again and again, I was more than ready to blow my load!   Thoughts of her hot little puss kept popping into my head as I listened to her voice and slowly handled myself, and at times this night I admit I wasn't really paying all that much attention to the conversation.

At any rate, about an hour into the call, I became aware of some pauses on her end from time to time, a tendency for her to not be totally following what was otherwise an inane conversation, and an occasional soft moan, and I thought, You know, I bet she's doing herself...!   So I listened closer, became convinced that she was doing it, and finally said, You're kinda quiet there... you playing with yourself??    Silence greeted my question for a moment or so, and then she finally admitted, yes, very hesitantly.   I thought so,   I said.

Another moment of silence, and then she said, I usually do when I call you -  your voice really turns me on.   Do you mind?  Mind?   Watching a woman masturbate is my greatest turn-on!   And I told her as much, and admitted that I usually stroked myself some while we talked, and always finished off with a good session after the call ended.   So of course the rest of the call became a hot phone sex session during which I shot a couple of loads and she came a number of times.    And among other things, she told me she'd often fantasized about me watching her.  It seems the idea was a big turn-on for her.    We finally ended the call with her promise to do it for me if we ever got together again.

Will follow up another time with the story of our first get-together after she moved back to town.

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