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Catching Upstairs Roommate Jilling

Went upstairs to drop off mail to the upstairs roommate. Knocked on the wall and there was no answer, seemed quiet. Got at the top of the stairs and heard soft groans and moans. Cock went instantly hard. Throbbing. Ventured upstairs even further, towards the bedrooms. Upstairs roommate was in her bedroom, door half open, her big tits out of her bra and hand in her jeans rubbing her pussy. Put my hand in my pants and started stroking my hard cock. Already so wet.
Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip. She must have been jilling for a while cause her breathing was increasing and she was close to cumming. Her hand was rubbing her pussy faster now and her other hand was squeezing her big tits. Her hips buck up and she lets out a hard squeal and a hard exhale. Fuck she came so good.
I took my hand out of my pants and left the doorway before she found me standing there.
My cock was throbbing so hard and I was so wet and horny.
Went downstairs to stroke my hard cock and cum. Before getting to the basement I heard her get up and walking across the floor. Then the shower starts. I wait another minute and go back upstairs quietly. Could hear her in the shower, water splashing. Went to her room, found her laundry hamper and found a dirty pair of her panties. I was so close to cumming.
Took a big whiff of her dirty g string. Fuck her pussy smelled so good. Her g string crotch was so crusty. Grabbed another dirty pair and squirted a big load in them as I smelled her other dirty pair. Wiped my wet cock all in them. Took another whiff and put both pairs back in her hamper. Went back downstairs and jerked off again. Came twice more.
Can't wait to do that again. Maybe she'll catch me next time.

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