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Resort Threesome Part II

After our amazing night of pleasure we were all spent. We get up, drag ourselves into the shower, with just a little mutual touching and then collapse into the king sized bed and fall asleep.

A few hours later something wakes me up. The first sensation I can identify is warm wet pressure around my cock. I look down my body and see Solo's mouth stretched around my cock. His eyes are closed, and seems to be enjoying himself. I close my eyes and enjoy the wonderful feelings in my crotch. After a few minutes I begin to moan a little and then thrust my hips with the rhythm of his mouth pumping my cock.

All of a sudden his wife yells "What The Hell?" my cock pops out of his mouth as we both jerk our heads up to look at her. She says "Really?!? You suck his cock one time and now you're a full time cock sucker?" Solo stammers. She leaps out of bed, pulls her skirt over her beautiful shaved pussy, pulls on a t shirt and flies out of the room yelling "FUCK!" and slams the door. We look at each other. You say "I thought she was ok with it". I say I know. You fall back into bed obviously upset. I get up and say Ill go talk to her. I get up and get dressed, my cock still wet with pre cum but no longer hard, and go to find her. I find her in the hotel lounge. She glares at me as I sit next to her in the booth. I ask "why are you so mad? You were cheering us on last night as we were sucking each others cocks". She's quiet for a few minutes then says "I'm jealous. Jealous that he was sucking you and not licking me, Jealous that You weren't licking me. Jealous that he has a man to suck his cock. Lately I've been wanting to have oral with another woman. I didn't know how to tell Solo, I thought he'd hate me. Now he's sucking you and I'm left out". She starts crying. I put my hand on her thigh under the table. She uncrosses her legs and moves them apart just a little. I tell her "I have an idea". I slide my hand right between her legs. She spreads them wider. She looks up at me "What's your idea?" I move my hand up a little more, my little finger touching her wet pussy. "Trust me" I say "come back to the room and don't be mad all day. I'll make your dream happen. Just don't tell solo and go along with whatever happens". She spreads her legs wider. I start to finger her clit and then I try to slip my finger inside. She looks around the room and says "lets go back to the room". As she gets up from the booth her skirt pulls up and I get a full on shot of her sweet shaved pussy. That never gets old.

Back in the room she tells Solo she's sorry she got mad and she's ok with us sucking each other off "in fact" she says "I want you to suck Max off as you masturbate. I don't you want to cum till after Max does because I want you to cum all over my tits".
You look at me with a look that says "What the fuck did you say to her?" I drop my pants, You go to your knees and open your mouth.

That night I suggest that we go back to the lounge for drinks and dinner. We sit at a table for four and order drinks. We each have a couple of cocktails when an attractive young woman walks up and says "Max, is that you?" I get up and kiss her and say "hey everyone This is Cami. She's a good friend of mine. Do you mind if she joins us"? We both look at Solo's wife and she says "yes of course". I smile and think "good girl". Cami sits between myself and Solo's wife and turns to her and starts talking, so Solo and I start talking. After a short time I motion for you to look at his wife. Cami obviously has her hand in her lap And its moving. I say" lets pick up a bottle and go to our room. Is that ok girls?" They both smile and say yes.

In the room Solo pours us all a drink. The girls take turns freshening up in the bathroom. When Cami comes out of the bathroom and Solo's wife goes in, she kisses me on the lips and then walks to Solo and starts rubbing the obvious erection in His pants. His wife comes out and comes to me. I reach under her skirt, find her wet thong and pull it to the floor. She steps out of it. She then loosens my belt, unzips my fly and pulls my pants and underwear to the floor. At this point we all undress each other. Solo's wife tells Solo she'd like him to suck my cock so she and Cami can watch. He drops to his knees and sucks me into his wanting mouth so fast I can almost hear it POP. I close my eyes and start to enjoy. Soon I open my eyes and see that the girls aren't even watching. Cami is on the bed, laying on her back and they are 69'ing each other. Solo's wife's face is buried in Cami's pussy and her legs are spread wide so her pussy is pressed against Cami's mouth and Cami is licking her like crazy and fingering her asshole. I push Solo onto the bed next to them I suck his cock deep into my mouth. He sucks me and moans. There are slurps and sucks and moans all around me. occasionally I hear (and say) "ooooohhhh fuck me". Solo gets me so close and then I jump up, roll him over and go to town stroking his wonderful cock. After hours of frantic fingering, sucking, stroking, licking, nipple tweaking, spanking, kissing, tribbing, humping, orgasm after orgasm (girls really are amazing aren't they?) boys with boys, girls with girls, girls with boys, everyone together, we are all exhausted and lay in a tangled mess. Eventually I lift my head and look at Solo's wife and say "OK"? With her eyes closed, she grins and says "mmhm".

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