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Remembering the first time Jacking Off

Remember the first time jacking off, no one had ever told me anything about puberty before. I must have been in my early to mid-teens; when the incident happened first. I went into the bathroom, locked the door, turned on the faucet, started to strip to get in the tub. Everything seemed to be normal; the tub was slowly filling with warm water.

All of a sudden, I felt this sensation, I hadn't felt anything like it before, looked down at my dick, putting my hand on it, this felt nice. I wondered what was happening.

Out of curiosity I started to touch it in different places, the sensation got more intense, I started stroking and playing with it. I noticed the water in the tub was rising, like me, I turned off the water, I continued playing with my dick for quite a few minutes.

I felt this warm feeling, instinctively grabbed hold of the head with my thumb and forefinger; started to move it up and down, slowly at first. Then pumping faster, the more intense this feeling became. I had to stop, because my wrist was aching, my dick went limp. I looked down, saw this clear liquid appear; instinctively I knew I had to continue because the sensation was so overpowering, I couldn't stop, but I had to. After a few moments, I started again, pumping faster and faster, I knew, I still couldn't stop, although my wrist was aching. I didn't know or cared what happen next, I just knew I had to continue, again my wrist was aching. I couldn't stop. I knew I had to continue, I just couldn't stop.

All of a sudden I felt an explosion from my dick, this white substance, shot out, hit the door six-foot away and saw some of the warm white substance trickle down my dick into my pubic hairs. I just sat back, enjoying the experience and the relief. I wondered what had happened and felt scared. I knew instinctively I couldn't mention this incident to anyone. I got some tissue and cleaned it up. I knew I had to do this again. Sometimes later I found what had happened, since that experience I've continued jacking off and enjoying it.

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