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Discovering a Friend

Some twenty years ago I was so horny on a hot, sultry day, so I went in my car, to a parking lot where I heard men might meet. No one was there, I had on only shorts and a tee shirt, and so I took my penis out of my pants and began to stroke it, with my window open. Soon after, a car drove in and parked three spaces away, a guy a couple of years older than me, rolled down his window and looked over toward me, just as I looked toward him. I kept masturbating slowly, which I am sure he saw, indeed I wanted him to see, and he smiled at me, so winningly, and he made motions indicating that he was taking his penis out, too. After a couple of minutes he said, "Why don't you join me!" I tucked my cock in a bit, got out and went to his car, entering it to see a slim and handsome guy of about 60, five years older than me, with his hand on his shorts--he, too, had little on.

Thus I put my hand down on my crotch and make clear my erection to him, and when he smiled I took it out and began masturbating again. He did the same, a cock longer and bigger than my own, awesome to me, very arousing--and we kept looking into one another's eyes so warmly. He then reached over and touched my cock, stroking it gently, as he stroked his own. I was then so aroused that I ejaculated spectacularly over toward him, and he returned the honour.

He wrote his phone number down and asked me to call him, which I did, leading to several years of precious moments either stroking by phone or meeting. He sucked my cock several times very gently. On another occasion I knelt over him in bed, only to discover his cock lying along my crack, which proved a nice way to masturbate in a different fashion--such an arousal that created. Sadly, he died after three years from a heart attack, I miss him a lot.

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