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Webcam Jerk Off

I used to date a girl who liked watching guys masturbate. It took me a bit to get used to doing this in front of her but once I did, it became quite the turn on. Initially I was worried about being self-conscious and not being able to actually get hard and cum but she was so turned on by it that I quickly felt the sensitivity in the skin of my cock and I was confident I could cum. She would move around a lot seemingly unable to sit still and would keep asking if I was going to cum and to make sure I would tell her so she was prepared to watch it. We were together for several months but then it ended but it really changed my ideas on exhibitionism.

I started to seek it out more but found out that most girls really didn't have the fetish that my earlier girlfriend had. I got hooked on a particular site for a bit and found the occasional person there that would watch my cam but they always wanted money to watch. That just wasn't the same because it was really the idea that someone was turned on by watching that turned me on to cum. Often times in these pay-for-options I never came, lost interest and turned the cam off.

Someone suggested a website where you could log on with your cam and people would pop in and watch. I tried that and ended up with dozens of people watching and commenting which was pretty hot. I did this a bunch of times but it was always very anonymous feeling. Most were guys but a few were girls which was what I focused on each time.

I started having one guy showing up every time and always make a ton of comments. He would private message me about wanting to do a private show. I wasn't interested in this as I am not so much into guys and it felt too gay for me. He would skype me a lot when I was on with friends just talking. We had some common interests so we would talk but he would always get around to asking for a private viewing of me jerking off. I actually became quite turned on by it but never thought I would go through with it. I started jerking off during these conversations with him and actually would log onto skype hoping he would be on and start asking me to jerk off on cam for him. I always went along a bit but would bail out in the end after I came.

I noticed I started thinking more about actually doing it and would often jerk off having the fantasy of him watching me. One night I was on skype and he came on. Unfortunately I didn't have my cam with me at that time because I wanted to jerk off as I was very turned on and I think I would have done it that time. I told him I would tomorrow when I got to work as I have a private office and can easily cam there and that was where I usually kept my cam anyway. He seemed thrilled and the conversation seemed very surreal as I was truly thinking about it and actually talking to him about it. I told him how I would jerk off before while talking to him but I was really wanting him to watch me privately and that 1:1 with a guy watching was really exciting to me. I had a serious hard on with tons of precum but I decided not to cum because I wanted to have a nice load for him.

I barely slept that night, woke up early and shaved my pubes and got in the shower. My cock was rock hard as I rubbed soap on it and cleaned it. I wanted to cum right there but I didn't. I went to work and logged on immediately and he was waiting. I became nervous and excited right away. My cock was hard already and he started in right away with the comments. He knew already that I wasn't so much into watching guys so he was just watching my cam as I pulled my hard cock out. He laughed a bit and commented on my anxieties I mentioned before about being afraid I wouldn't be able to perform for him.

I didn't say too much as I was feeling odd, but couldn't wait another second to start jerking off. He kept telling me to do what I wanted to do and just cum if I was so turned on. I did say I wasn't going to take long as I felt like I had a hard on for the past 12 hours. It just felt odd to be so turned on by some guy watching me and wanting to see my cumshot in private. I knew I would cum as there was no doubt about performance. My cock was ready from the moment I woke up. He kept thanking me for doing this for him and I could tell how much he wanted to see my cum. This wasn't a "pay for" arrangement nor was it a group of people watching but 1:1 with a person who really liked to watch and a person who really liked to show and it didn't matter to me that he was a guy.

He wanted me to cum quickly because he thought maybe I could do two cumshots for him. He wanted me to cum all over my left hand so he could see the cum better and not let it just fly away somewhere. I told him I needed to cum right away and was he ready? He said to do it, he was watching. I squeezed my cock harder but kept the same slow rhythmic motion so he would see it better. I aimed my cock to my left hand with my right and trembling shot a massive load all over my hand. I could hear him breathing hard and I think I almost passed out for a second. The whole show was less than 5 minutes but it was one of the best feeling cumshots I ever had. I was too wasted to even try for a second one. We talked for a bit about the experience and he made it clear he wanted to watch again. I told him for sure he could.
We have done this many times and I have done camshows with several others. I always find the first show the best with the anxiety around it. I just open skype and usually someone is wanting to see. I never thought jerking off for a guy would be so hot.

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