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...but then married life, two children, and, well, things calm down, don't they? We got into a rut - sex a couple of times a week, but fitted in between everything else that couples have to do.

It became routine. Just a race to orgasm for the pair of us really. So, to spice things up, we would fantasize. I would tell my husband what I used to do when I was younger, and he would tell me of his sexual activities.

This worked for a while, but one night, after I had told him about a time when a guy I barely knew had put his hand up my skirt at a party, my hubby said "Why don't you do it again? Let a total stranger finger fuck you?"

For a few weeks I mulled it over. At first I didn't like the idea, but well, it just wouldn't go away!

One weekend we were away from the kids and in a hotel. I said that I had been thinking about it, but that I would want him near enough to step in if things got out of hand. My lovely hubby agreed, and I went to the bar in my "little black dress" (every woman has one!) and got hit on a couple of times before deciding to accept the attentions of one particular guy.

On the way to our room, I told him I was married and that no-way would this end up with sex. He accepted that and in the room, with my hubby carefully hidden in the bay window (the curtain came across the bay) I started kissing the guy.

He was a really good kisser and I was wet, well before his fingers reached my pussy. Once he had his hand in my knickers, I discovered that if his kissing was good, his fingering was amazing! He played with my clit, fingered me, and then managed to get a finger in me, another in my ass, and his thumb on my clit.

I had his cock out and was wanking him for all I was worth. My orgasm literally had me both squirting and peeing. It soaked my knickers and ran down both legs.

Then he said he was close to cumming. I knelt in front of him and let him shoot all over my dress.

Then, I made the guy leave. That was, after all, the arrangement.

My hubby stepped from behind the curtains, hard as a rock, and proceeded to fuck my brains out - STILL fully clothed, STILL with wet knickers on, and STILL in a sperm covered dress.
The next night, I wanted to see him with a girl, but it's much much harder for guys to pick up a girl than the other way around it seems, and that weekend I was disappointed that it didn't happen.

I got to talking about it with a friend or two and one of them volunteered, but the thing is, I wanted it to be a total stranger.

Then, about three weeks later, I got a call from my hubby. He had been at an office party and one of the girls had flirted with him. He had told her that he was married and she had persisted by asking him for "just a little fun".

I was all for it, and since he works not far from where we live, I suggested that he did it in his car.

By the time I got there, I was just in time to see him walk from the building to the car park with a young girl all over him. They got in his car while I parked up and left it a few minutes before approaching.

I could see her laid out across the back seat with one leg on the parcel shelf, and my hubby kissing her while his other hand spread her legs and worked into her knickers.

It was the thrill of a lifetime watching them. I saw one, then two fingers slip up her and (unlike me) she was totally smooth. He kept his fingers stiff and rigid and fingered her like crazy while she arched her back and moaned. At one point I thought she was going to see me, but he kept her face covered with his.

Then I saw her arch her back and she obviously came on his fingers. She went down on him and to his credit he said he stopped and I scurried off as he led her back to the party.

By the time he got back to the car, I was already in there. It smelled of sex, and the first thing I did was take the fingers he had inside her, and suck them clean. My hubby was so fired up, and so was I. I tell you, if anyone had seen what happened next they would have thought I was being raped. I have never been fucked with such energy - EVER!

Since then, every three or four months, we do something like this.
My hubby wants to see me with another woman. I figure why not? I've tasted a few now, on his fingers, and although I would never have thought that I would EVER be interested in another girl, this has taught me that I would.

One last thing. One girl that I saw him finger (This was outdoors in a wood) also peed her knickers when she came. After, she took them off and went back to the pub with nothing on under her skirt. I took the knickers, held them, even smelled them, and then put them on over my own.

I think I want to explore peeing more - there is something really dirty about it.I don't know why, but it turns me on.

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