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In My Hotel Room

This is a continuation of Off the Phone with Catherine - Published: August 8, 2013.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


So I put the thought in my head that I should be thinking sexy thoughts or something in my new environment. That first night, I just kinda felt the different temperature and atmosphere and privacy of the room. I stripped down to my underwear, which, since I've been sleeping/lounging in my shorts for a few years now, feels more...sensual? Or more exposed? Not really sure.

Anyway, I went over and sat on the uncomfortable little couch, imagining a girl sitting on it in her panties, maybe a thong, feeling its slightly coarse material against her bare skin, her thighs and butt and back...

Then I lay on the king-size bed, feeling the cool/cold, slicker material than I'm used to of the comforter under my back and arms and legs. Again, I imagined this from the perspective of the girl.

I'll just pause here for a current status report. Truth is, I haven't been aroused yet since I've been home, but, just a minute ago, as I was writing/typing about the so forth in the hotel room, the bouncing of the keyboard across my lap started to get a little reaction.

Anyway, so you might have gathered that for me, a lot of the stimulus was just from the feel of things against me, and I go for the colder feel. Um, and I was obviously trying to help myself along by having all these kinds of thoughts.

And I pulled down the front of my underwear...just to play. I was not trying to get off. I wanted to save it, let it build up, so, like I said, I'd be more charged by the time I got back to your recordings/commentaries. I guess mostly I was soft, thinking I wasn't really that aroused anyway, but then I hardened up, but not to emergency release proportions.

I, holding me, my dick. Just remembered how you enjoy fondling and playing with them.

Hmm, there's that stirring again.

And I imagined us laying on top of the bed...and me kinda turned on my side facing you, both of us more than likely naked, while you continued to play with me. I wasn't imagining you trying to get me off, but just the sensation of you handling me, and I'm sure I more than likely would have had my arms around you, holding you, and probably caressing you a bit.

Now, the next couple images are kinda mixed up and I think happened on different days, but I imagined having a girl, not necessarily you...well, I was laying on my back with my legs apart, and imagined having her on her knees between my legs, and just really imagined the feel of her mouth on my cock. It's not a specific sensation I really imagine very often. Usually, when I think of someone sucking me, it's just a sort of vague generalization. But this was like I knew how the inside of her mouth would feel, her lips and teeth and tongue, the heat and wetness, the interior of her mouth.

I actually have had a couple experiences with someone's mouth on me. The first time, the person just put my head in her mouth, or maybe the whole thing, but then she decided she didn't want to do it after all--it was her idea in the first place. I couldn't and didn't blame her... And the second time, I actually got sucked off. But don't have really clear memories of either event, other than that it felt weird having someone down there, and...anyway, I'm sure it could be better than it was.

(Catherine's response: "I'm sorry your blow jobs weren't very memorable or enjoyable. How sad.")

The other thing I imagined was having you on the bed, in my place. I imagined being between your legs, going down on you. I was trying to imagine it in as much detail as possible, as accurately as possible, but now I don't really remember it anymore clearly than that.

And now I'm kinda hard, if not super aroused. It's nearly 4:30 AM, by the way, and I'm laying in bed. When I flex my dick, it makes my keyboard move. At least it did. When I stopped writing about the fantasies to write this, I softened up again. Really not feeling too...horny at this time. Maybe that'll come later today. Maybe we both will, if not together and/or at the same time. Something to think about though.

And I stopped to go back and reread what I've written, and I got hard again. Think I've got the energy built up, just not feeling too sexy now. You know how I am.

Anyway, so I carried on playing and daydreaming for half an hour or so, just wanting to tease myself, I suppose, and then, because it was late and I needed to get up in the morning to start my first day of training--can't believe it's all over, by the way--I pulled my underwear back up and went to bed.

Now, sadly, I didn't sleep especially well during the week, much less have any wet dreams, though I might have at some point if I hadn't...

Monday night was kind of a repeat of Sunday night. I sat around in my underwear, then lay on the bed again, and this time actually pulled it off, the underwear... I felt the comforter against my butt, and it was kinda a whole new take on the sensuality from the night before.

Hmm, well, I might as well admit to you from the get go that I tried awful hard to fool myself about what was gonna happen, but that it was probably inevitable. That's right, I kept playing with myself and teasing myself until I finally came. I will say I made it last for well over an hour, which is really something for me. I started out just being a little moist at the tip, but the longer I kept it up--no pun intended--I started producing more and more pre-cum. Funny how that works for me. Seems like if I was gonna produce it at all, it'd start early on, but I guess it just takes me a while to start cranking it out, so to speak. In spite of our delightful little conversation the day before about cum and pre-cum, I didn't try to eat any of it, but just wiped it off my fingers on a tissue.

So I thought about different things. More of the same as before, and I tried to imagine the two or three "girls" I'd heard that day masturbating in their respective rooms. Uh, that doesn't sound right. I mean, the girls I'd heard that day, I tried to imagine masturbating in their rooms. Unfortunately, I didn't actually hear them doing anything sexual at any point. And these weren't just some random girls, but ones from my group whom I thought had attractive voices. And, if that's not enough precision for you, my first use of the word "girls" was in quotes, just like now, because, of course, they weren't girls as such.

Turns out G has a 30-year-old daughter, which was my first clue that she wasn't near as young as I would've thought--was in fact 53. Then there were A and K, both of whom are 30. K actually just had her birthday on Wednesday, and when I mentioned to Mom, I guess, that she was 30, Mom was real surprised. She had a young, kinda mousy, innocent vibe, which is probably perfect for working with kids, since she's a brand spanking new--hmm, where do you suppose they came up with that phrase?--children's counsellor... And A...well, I suppose I'll have more to say about her later...

Um, anyway, my attempted fantasies about any or all of them failed to fly as I just knew too little about them. I'd only spoken to A a couple times, and for only a few minutes, so I really had nothing to go on. Plus, it just felt kinda wrong...

Anyway, before I go off on a further ramble about my fantasies leading to my orgasm, I should mention that I just remembered a little bit ago that I failed to mention that when I was imagining the girl going down on me, I had my hands on her head, in her hair, holding her in place, guiding her up and down on me, and so forth. Just a little something for you to think about.

Hmm, can't help wondering if any of what I've written is turning you on. I mean, that's not my specific intention. So if you're not, that's fine. Just wondering. I'd love to hear about it if any of this does have a positive effect on you, shall we say.

Well, running a bit low on steam now. After 5, and I've been writing steady all this time. I did sleep last night, just woke up, and failed to do whatever was necessary to get back to sleep. I mention this because I'm not sure if I can muster the energy to resurrect my end game scenario, so to speak, in enough detail to be interesting, much less hot. I'll say this much though, before I take a break, it was about me doing stuff, making love, to you....

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