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With another woman (3)

It was just another Friday night.I was about to relax in front of the T.V.alone.I was opening a bottle of wine pouring myself a tall glass.Getting ready to sit and unwind.More than likely at some point in the evening going to open my pants and relieve a little tension.

Then my cell phone rang.It was Dottie.The woman I had been with once before,and enjoyed so much.I asked her if she wanted to spend a little time together.She said she had the night to herself.Her husband was out for the night.I told her to meet me at my place.

Quickly I went to the bedroom and put on something a little sexy.Well OK this left nothing to the imagination.shortly afterwards my door bell rang.Letting Dottie in.

After a moment we were kissing and holding each other. Dottie commented on how sexy I looked getting me even wetter than I already was.I ran my hand across her big tits,and large ass.I guess you would call her tall and buxom.

I took control removing her top and opening her pants.She was down to nothing but her bra and panties.Like before her light brown pubic hair was sticking out the sides of her panties.

I took her to my bedroom where she got me fully nude.I then removed her Bra exposing her big sexy sagging tits.Then her panties.Something about that hairy pussy was turning me on so much.

I told her to wait a moment As I got out of bed and went to my bottom draw of my night stand.I took out a large eight inch rubber dong.Telling her this is going inside you honey.If you hadn't call this was going to get some use tonight I said laughing.

We were kissing for a short time before I told her lay back and spread those beautiful legs.I first ran my fingers through her beautiful brown pubis.The I said open wide honey here it comes.Eight Inches of pure pleasure went in side my buxom friend.It took a wile but she finally was coming.OH Debbie. Here I go I am comming..OMG..AHHHHHAs she let herself go,cumming all over the rubber pleasure stick.

She now took control of me,Lay back honey.Open wide.As she put the dong in me.I said Dottie Finger my ass.Finger my asshole!!!My asshole is very sensitive,And I enjoy it being stuffed.I know some women do not like it but I do.

She began to do her magic.She was wonderful.In no time at all I was bucking and cumming.After the first orgasm I was done and all I wanted to do was hold Dottie for a while. Dottie had other plans and had the need to Cum again.She came three times that night.I only need that one good cum.

Pleasing someone else to the point of ecstasy,For me there is no better pleasure.I enjoy seeing my partner cumming at my handy work as much as I enjoy the pleasures given to me.

Dottie and myself were now all taken care of,and feeling great.We spent the next hour holding,Kissing,Touching.Laying in the afterglow to me is the best part.

I wanted Dottie to stay the night but she had to go saying her husband was going to be home shortly.

She got dressed and said good night.I said I hope we could do this again.I would like it to be a weekly thing if possible. Dottie said she could not promise weekly due to her husband.We will do this again shortly.I kissed her goodnight.Also grabbing a good handful of big beautiful ass.She said easy your getting me wet again.I know I want you to stay.She said I have to go kissed me and left..

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