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Met Her As Planned

...we pressed against each other. Perhaps more than was necessary for the motion of the train. My left hand was by my side and after a few minutes, I was sure she was using the bumpy train to rub her mound against my knuckles, I was not pleased, so I bunched my hand into a fist. Let her rub against my bony knuckles.

She, of course, did precisely that, there was no doubt she took my movement as a come on and I wondered why the hell I didn't just move my hand away. Then I realized that my body had betrayed me, I was both disgusted and also undeniably, I was becoming aroused.

I felt that deep tingle way inside and my clit started to pulse. I was also getting way more than a little moist where it matters.

By now she was grinding, fairly slowly, but most definitely against my knuckles while I, with my face almost jammed against the glass of the door, watched the scenery roll by.

Then I felt it.

Her hand was rubbing my tummy over my dress, edging a little lower each time as if asking permission to go further. I have never even entertained a lesbian thought before, not even in fantasy, but I was surely becoming aroused as she rubbed against me. Any doubts I had faded when she hitched her skirt up and now, I was rubbing my knuckles against a pair of utterly smooth and panty-less pussy lips.

It was precisely at that moment that her hand worked up my dress just enough to rub a couple of times over my lower tummy and then slide gently into the waistband of my panties and between my legs. I found myself opening my legs a little to help her and then I felt a long beautiful finger travel deep up inside me while a very practiced thumb found my hard little bud.

I unclenched my fist and cupped her sex in my hand sinking a middle finger deep in her.
She sighed, and leaned her head against me while picking up the rhythm. I began to feel her clenching and I knew this stranger would soon be cumming onto my finger. When it happened it was wonderful, strong, pulsating and really horny.

Soon after the inevitable signs of a cum began in me, but when I thought it would break into a delicious orgasm, it just built and built, way past the point where I normally come. Way WAY past it.

When eventually it did hit me it was like nothing else I have ever known. First, cumming standing up was something knew, but being fingered by another girl, well that was out of the ballpark.

I couldn't stop it or control it. I just let it hit me. I felt something splash my feet and to my horror, I had either peed or I think I had my first ever squirting orgasm. All I know is when I finished, she took her hand away which had a little pool of me in the palm and she lapped it up.

At my stop, I only got a few yards from the station when I had to touch myself again. I found a secluded spot and squatted down and rubbed myself through my soaked panties. The cum was not as strong but it was, oh, I don't know, perverse? I would have fucked anyone who had walked past at that point, male, female, and I would have done anything they wanted. I have never felt so sexually alive in my life.

After that second cum, I slipped my ruined panties off and just left them.

I want more with another girl! And I want it soon.

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