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House Viewing

When living in student accommodation, you get used to people coming over to your house with an Estate Agent in order to have a look around to see if they wish to rent it or not in the next academic year. Now, most times the estate agent gives you a heads up of an upcoming viewing. They do this so you can clean up a bit etc, but sometimes you get zero notice and they just barge in.

Now, it was a Friday and all of my housemates went home the day before so I had a whole house to myself. When I have the house to myself there is one thing you can be sure of and that's the fact that I will masturbate a lot. This particular Friday was no different.

I woke up late (around one'ish) and since I had just woken up, I had quite the erection. I loaded the laptop and visited a few of my favorite porn sites and started stroking. Now, even though I was alone in the house, force of habit made me use earphones and with the lesbians in the video screaming loudly, I could hear nothing but them.

Whilst I was upstairs enjoying myself, unknown to me an estate agent and three female students had just entered the house for a viewing. The estate agent called out but due to the loud porn I was listening to I couldn't hear her.

My room is the fourth of six so it took a minute for them to reach me.

In my room the foot of the bed faces the door so if anyone entered at that time they would see a naked man, looking at a laptop screen and jerking off. That is exactly what a female estate agent and three female students saw.

Just as I was speeding up my strokes in preparation of cumming, I looked up for some reason to see four women staring at me. Now in my shock, instead of quickly covering up, I kept stroking and within seconds I came. Then I just muttered sorry and asked them to leave.

A few moments later, a knock came on my bedroom door and I opened it to find the estate agent. She was so embarrassed and apologetic that I nearly felt bad for her. Even though she has probably one of the best stories to tell in the office and three students have a hell of a story, I look back at it with fond and arousing memories. I now purposely jerk off when a house viewing has been arranged.

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