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Constant Fun

I had been masturbating and trying to come for a very long time, but I only managed it late last year. My favorite thing to do, whenever I get the urge (which is often, being the horny bitch I am), is lie in bed and play with my tits while thinking about something hot. I vary it, anything from having a hot girl finger me to guys wanking over me. Once I am nice and turned on, I get my electric toothbrush. There is no head on mine, just the buzzing metal, and it is VERY intense. I usually quiver and moan as soon as it touches my clit. Once I am nice and wet, I take a my makeshift dildo and pump it in and out of my pussy. It hits all the right spots. I go back to vibrating my clit with the 'dildo' still in my and alternate between these two actions until I am about to explode. I either let myself go or tease myself some more. I love cummimg ;)
I look innocent and sweet, but... I am such a hormy little girl. Boys love to hear about these dirty things I do, and I love to think about them wanking or fucking me hard.

Posted on: 2013-02-22 00:00:00 | Author: