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The Shower at College

I went to an all male college, an engineering school. As a freshman I was the FIRST openly anti Vietnam war protester on campus. I was well hated for it. I was frequently attacked and injured including a dislocated jaw and a sprained ankle on other occasions. This is just to get the mind set of the time.

I used to take a shower during the first 30 minutes of dinner when nobody else would be there, for safety. One time somebody snatched my bathrobe, towel and toilet bag with my keys and dumped them on the floor outside the glass wall and cafeteria doors, when I had my eyes closed rinsing my hair. I never heard a thing. I had to walk down 4 floors dripping wet and nude to retrieve all my stuff.

Then I started showering at three in the morning, the emptiest time. I hung my robe and towel on the deepest inside the shower head and came out a couple of heads. I set up my shaving mirrors to watch both approaches. This worked for more than a month. One day one of my friends took me aside and told me that the 'plan' was on for tonight or 'the next time he takes a shower'. They had found out when I take showers and were going to rub Ben Gay (don't even think it, wasn't relevant back in 66) all over my penis and scrotum. It was about PAIN. That was the college jerk equivalent to the 18th century 'tar and feather'. The school never did anything about these kinds of incidents. So I was on my own. When asked about what my reaction would be if they were to try such, to a mutual friend let's call him, I said 'somebody will get hurt'. I already had broken one kid's arm in a fight. I had the sprained ankle out of that one.

I was showering an hour earlier that night and figured I was safely early to have a good jack off. I found out later that they had somebody watching under their dorm door for me to go by.

I washed my hair and put in the conditioner. That makes a great lube for jacking. I got going seriously and got a little distracted. The next thing I knew I could see some of them in the mirrors on both sides, quietly watching. They were being very quiet, eight of them in all. They had come in to assault me and forcibly apply Ben Gay giving me a persistent burning painful erection and them their jollies watching me rubbing my penis with soap trying to wash it off, and instead were watching me put on an exhibition of genuine masturbation. After they had watched for at least 10 minutes I invited them in to watch. They were all erect by then and one by one they joined in, reluctantly or quickly, with my continued open masturbation. It became something of a fad on campus until a week before finals, with quite a few coming to watch and many staying to cum. Nobody touched anybody else but everybody sure wanted to see and be seen. It became an informal masturbation club almost daily at 2 am in the showers on the fourth floor.

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