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Inadvertent Nude Beach Hand-job

I had a girlfriend in college (let's call her Mandy) whom I once took to a local nude beach. We had been dating only a couple of weeks, so it was easy to become aroused around her. We found a spot to lie and stripped off our clothes. I instantly became aroused, and after standing there awkwardly for a moment while we both giggled about my condition, I sat down with my knees drawn up to hide my erection. After all, this was a public beach and there were other people about.

Later in the afternoon a little before sunset and after the crowds had thinned, Mandy said, 'Let's take a walk down the beach.' I hid my car keys in the sand, then we took off for a stroll along the beach close to the waves. So far so good, no erection. But then Mandy took my hand, and just this simple contact caused my manhood to rise sharply towards the sky. I made an awkward attempt to cover it with my free hand, but since there weren't too many people around I thought, 'What the hell' and displayed my hard-on proudly. When Mandy noticed, she laughed and said, 'You're a horny one today!' She then let go of my hand and held my cock instead as we walked, which caused it to get even harder. We walked in silence for some way, and twice passed couples walking the opposite direction who stared at Mandy's hand around my pole. My cheeks flushed with embarrassment but I must admit I was quite thrilled.

Suddenly, I felt an orgasm coming on. Mandy was staring ahead, now holding my dick almost absent-mindedly as we continued towards the end of the beach. I didn't know what to do or say, but soon I was beyond the point of caring, and my cock erupted, sending a lava flow of cum all over her hand and my cock and balls, one big gush followed by several smaller ones. I glanced down and watched the eruption, but it took Mandy a few moments to realize what was happening. When she realized my cock was throbbing, and looked down and saw the cum flowing down her hand, she stopped and shrieked, 'Oh my god!' and started laughing. She gave my cock a couple of hard squeezes, coaxing two more small spurts of cum out of it, then let go, holding her hand up to look at the goo that was dripping down her arm and into the surf. A guy walked by at this point, but I'm not sure if he knew what was going on. Mandy washed her hand and arm off in the sea, then we walked back to our blankets at the opposite end of the beach. My cock was as hard as a diamond as we walked back holding hands once again. I looked down a couple of times and noticed a big bead of cum balance on top, residual cum that had slowly oozed out while we were walking. Two girls passed by, then three more, and I just stared straight ahead. Nude beach etiquette suggests that one must conceal a hard-on, but I didn't have a towel with me, and by this point I no longer cared. Would you? Back at our towels, I told Mandy that was the hottest thing that had ever happened to me and she laughed, 'Me, too!' and gave my now deflating cock a loving squeeze.

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