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My Friends and I Pt. 2

It was a regular school afternoon. I was sat at the back of a maths lesson with my friend Jay who was sat directly next to me. I was 15 and very much infatuated with Jay. We had been friends for years but it was only recently that his features became defined and started shaping out nicely. He had bright green eyes with a chiseled jaw line and a perfect athletic build. His face, unlike a lot of the kids in my year, was completely spot free and had baby soft skin. Simply put, if he wanted to, he could of easily had a career in modelling. But football (soccer) was his choice. I was looking at the teacher lecture on and on, staring at the front with possibly the most vacant expression on my face when Jay tapped me on the arm. I shook out of my stupor and looked at him out the corner of my eye.

'What?' I whispered.

'Man, check this out.' he said with a kid like enthusiasm in his voice, showing a picture of a nude woman.

'Yeah, she's pretty hot.'

'Is something taking your attention there?' Mr Smith asked.

Both Jay and I looked immediately to the front to see Mr Smith staring at us with a questioning look.

'No, we're done.'

'Good.' Mr Smith replied.

When Mr Smith continued with his lecture, Jay whispered out the corner of his mouth.

'Meet me in the toilets during your free'.

It was pretty normal for us to meet in the toilets, because it was the easiest to find each other and the least crowded. I had French after maths and then a free period. As soon as free period began, I headed for the toilets. When I got there, no one was inside. I walked right to the end and saw someone in the cubicle. They were just standing there and by the sounds of it, not doing anything.

'Jay?' I decided to ask.

'Oh, Ry, it's you. Thought you were someone else'.

'Why are you just standing there? What did you want to meet here for?'

'Well, I kinda wanted to ask you something, but I thought you'd probably say no, so I started without you'.

'Do what?' I was genuinely curious.

'Well you know that nude picture?'


'It kinda got me ridiculously horny and I've not stopped having a rock hard boner for most of the day'.

'So, go home and wank'. I said as a matter of factly. The truth was, just saying that to someone I had an intense crush on who I was also fantasizing about a lot, turned me on to no end and evidently, got me hard pretty quickly.

'Well, that's the thing, I've kinda started here already'.

My eyes grew wide. Did he just hint at him having a wank inside that stall that was situated right in front of me. My hard on was so stiff it was starting to hurt. But I decided to play it cool.

'No you're not'. I said back calmly.

'I'm honest. If you want, I can prove it'. He then unlocked the stall.

I walked forward with my heart pounding ferociously and I gently pushed the door open. Then he was there. Hard, hairless, perfectly tanned cock, maybe measuring about 6 inches long and quite thick. My eyes were locked on his member for what seemed an eternity. He didn't budge though. He just smiled and said. 'See, told you. Now close the door, so we can admire this woman's beauty'.

I closed the door and found instant relief when I unzipped and pulled out my aching cock. The picture was out on display, but I wasn't planning on watching her while I stroked.

'Wow, your cocks almost identical to mine!' Jay admired. 'Here, lets see if it feels the same'.

Without warning, he pushed my hands away and grabbed my cock, wrapping his whole hand around it tightly. He gave it a few long and slow strokes, going from the head right down to the base and then went back to his own. For those seconds, I almost came. I did the same and grabbed his and it felt amazing. Warm and soft, yet hard at the same time. I stroked it slowly and we both moaned. He in pleasure of me stroking him and me in pleasure of stroking the guy I was in love with.

I began picking up the pace and by this point, none of us even thought about the picture. Jay moved his body close to mine, so we were touching, leg to leg and shoulder to shoulder and he dropped his trousers to the floor. I followed suit and he grabbed mine again. We were wanking at a steady rhythm, but whenever he sped up, I followed and when he slowed, I did the same. I thought this might be the only opportunity to do this and lifted his school shirt with my free hand, and started rubbing and caressing his abs. His abs were slim and smooth and had the small beginnings of a six pack. 'That feels amazing!' He moaned.

When I saw his face, his eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly ajar. If none of what had happened has bothered him, I don't think what I do next will. I slowly went closer to his face with mine and planted a soft peck on his lips. He smiled and kissed me back. All of a sudden his breath started getting heavier and he began picking up the pace on my cock. I reciprocated and soon we were both panting, getting close.

'I'm cumming'. He muttered and before another word was said, he began convulsing, send thick rope after thick rope of white cum onto the floor. That was all I needed and I lost it. I started spraying my juice and the orgasm shook me from head to toe. We both continued wanking each other off for another minute or so until we were flaccid and then cleaned up and zipped up. When we were done, we both walked out of the cubicle and washed our hands. Just before we left the toilets, Jay tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned to look at him, he leaned in and pecked me on the lips and smiled.

This was going to be the start of a wonderful friendship.

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