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He Came To My School

The thing is, he was at least 45. He wore a very expensive suit, and a long black coat that swished as he walked. Oh but his voice!! I swear it could melt steel. It was soft smooth and as I sat there listening to him I felt my clit start to throb and I could feel, actually FEEL my knickers wetting up.

I lost interest in what he was saying and just wanted his sensuous mouth on me. I wondered if I could make it happen. I nearly leapt out of my chair when he said that if any of us wanted to talk to him privately they could. I made sure I was last in the queue!

We went into a little used office and I made sure I sat so he could see up my skirt. I already knew my knickers were visibly wet. Well soon he had his hand in them and I had his cock in my hand. We were standing up wanking each other. My knickers were half way down my thighs and I came three times!!! Hard!!! When he got close I aimed him at my cunt. One push and it would have been in me. Instead I felt him shoot his load right on my pussy lips.

After I pulled my knickers up and had him on me. I got home and masturbated again. When my husband got home I told him I was going out to a staff do.

Instead I met my wonderful consultant again and we did things that have no place here! I got home three hours later with a sudden desire to fuck my husbands brains out.

He wondered what had got into me!!!! (Giggle)

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