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I Was Shy Back Then, My First Hand Job

This happened over Thanksgiving years ago; my Mom's sister and her family were visiting. I was kind of a shy guy back then. Especially for my age. I still had not had a real girlfriend and I was a freshman in college.

The guest room and my room share a bathroom. The two rooms had been a his and hers suite, for the prior owners. We rarely had guests it was nice to have such a fancy bath to myself. My parents built a new master bedroom bath and nursery at the other end of the house when my sister came along. I was used to having privacy and I wanked off most mornings before classes, if I woke up early enough. For sure every afternoon after classes I would crank a couple out. My cousins are real young, younger than my sister. They are staying in my sister's room. Mom and sis were in their glory, two toddlers to dote over.

The first afternoon I was outside shovelling in the snow I needed to pee, but I waited way to long. I ran inside and dashed into MY bathroom.

My aunt Gwen in the spa tub. I froze when I saw her, she was like a vision. She covered up best she could, I stammered an apology and said I have to pee really bad. She said do what you have to do. I'm not getting out of the tub without clothes.

By the time I got my snow pants, pants and shorts out of the way, I was fully hard from the sight of my Aunt Gwen. I had to pee so badly, but could not make it start. If it had started I'd have peed all over myself, because my dick was sticking straight up. I leaned forward put my hand against the wall for balance, and tried to push my dick down to the bowl. I finally did, but it still would not start. Gwen was getting frustrated she said, go already. I said I can't I have a hard on. Do it, or get out she replied. So I tried really hard and it started but it hurt like hell, I had to let my dick come up. The pee went everywhere, on my shirt, pants, all over the toilet, even some splashed in the tub, when I tried to redirect it with my hand.

Gwen started laughing, I was completely humiliated. The pee seemed to go on for an eternity. Gwen caught on to my angst and tried to offer some compassion, assuring everyone has wet themselves at one time or another. I told her it not just that I think I hurt myself my dick hurts like hell. Her compassion seemed more genuine now, and she asked where it hurt. I did not want to show her, but it hurt like hell. I steeled my courage and showed her the underside of my now limp cock. Momentarily she forgot about her nude condition and reached out and touched my dick. It was like a lightning bolt went through me it still hurt like hell, but I started to get hard again. The sight of her erect nipples and hairless crotch just an inch below the water was too much.

As I started to stiffen, she assured me that I would be fine. She told me to clean up and to please get out. As I mopped up the mess the burning started to subside. There was no hiding my renewed hard on. I finished and went to my room to put on a robe and take my stuff to the wash, no way I wanted mom to know I had seen Gwen or peed myself. Then it dawned on me that Gwen might tell my mom, after getting my stuff in the wash. I headed back to my room, and waited to Gwen to get out of the bath so we could talk.

She was in the bath for an eternity I heard the jets of the tub and realized why she was taking so long. The doors to the bath have glass transoms; they are frosted, but have clear areas as well. As quietly as I could I climbed into position. I was far enough back and it was dark in my room I did not think she could see me, if she had been looking. I found that that she was definitely not looking. Her eyes were closed. She was crossways in the tub with her pussy against one of the jets. Her hand was going a mile a minute strumming the top of her slit. This went on for several minutes until she groaned a deep guttural moan that I could hear over the jets. She pushed her fingers into her pussy, and convulsions racked her body for over a minute. I had subconsciously started whacking to the scene. My penis was still tender though so an orgasm was not to be. I got down from the chair and my head was spinning.

Later we talked, my accidentally seeing her, and peeing myself, would be our secret. Gwen then asked me, do you have another hard on. It was obvious that I did. She asked me if I knew how to take care of that. I assured her that I did. She said show me. I said no way, to which she replied, you watched me get off on the jets, it's only fair. She had seen me and continued to put on a show. We went to my room and locked the door. I stripped and flopped on the bed Gwen sat next to me. I was so hard it almost hurt. I needed to cum so bad. I knew I would not last long. About three strokes and it hit, I ejaculated. Thankfully nothing was broken. I was so relived in more than one way.

My hard on did not go down. Gwen offered her services. Her touch was much lighter. She asked if I had any lotion. I never used any, had not needed it, but I could see how it would feel better. I offered to go get some, but she said not to bother. She spit on her hand and went to work. It felt glorious. She continued slowly getting more and more aggressive really soaking me with her spit, then she cupped my balls and pushed in below them with her finger tips. That did it. I came again, the best orgasm of my life at least ten solid shots. Gwen smiled and kissed me and said you are quite the man.

I lay there catching my breath while Gwen drew figure eights on my belly with the cum. My cock did get more or less soft but I could tell that it would not take much to get me going again. When I finally caught my breath Gwen blew my mind by licking her fingers. I asked you like the taste? She simply gathered some more on her fingers and brought them to my mouth. I tentatively licked and then sucked her fingers, she moaned and I took them fully in my mouth. I think it was more hearing her sexy moan, as I sucked her fingers, than the taste of the cum, but I was hard again. I begged Gwen to do it again. She said, later, I need to help your mom make dinner.

That evening we played some games and watched a movie. My uncle was all over Gwen. Gwen kept telling him, I don't know what has gotten into you, but I like it. They went to bed early and said not to wake them in the morning. I had been hiding my hard on all night, so I went to bed also. They were already at it by the time I got to my room. No attempt was made to hide what they were doing Gwen in particular was being quite loud I think for my benefit, from the sounds of things Gwen came at least three times, My uncle only once. But I was almost raw when I finally fell asleep. It was a very eventful day.

After the weekend my uncle had to go back to work. Gwen and the girls stayed a few more days. I had Gwen to myself every night. My discoveries were just beginning. Perhaps I'll write more.

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