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Cameltoe Girls

I live in a big mid-southern city which has a long bridge that doubles as a walking and running place for lots of people. I recently broke up with a steady guy and have been without a regular sexual outlet for several months. A friend from work asked me if I wanted to walk the bridge with her a few Saturdays ago and I said yes, joking that I needed to do something to relieve my frustration now that I was no longer 'getting any.' She laughed and told me that her way of bridge walking was the perfect answer to sexual frustration, but I did not realize what she meant until I showed up at her apartment.

I was wearing a sweat shirt and black running tights but when she saw my outfit she said that I would have to change. She was also wearing running tights but hers were silver colored and skin tight. If you want to be sexy and get off she noted, you will need a light color, like this.' As she said it she produced a pair of tights that were peach colored and much smaller than my regular size. 'Try these on,' she urged.

I struggled my way into them, stepped into her living room and announced that they were too tight to wear. 'Take off your panties,' she said sternly. I objected but she insisted following me into the bedroom and helping me into the peach colored tights. 'That's better,' she noted as I pulled myself into them.

We drove the 30 minutes to the bridge and I was feeling really frightened. I had never worn such form fitting clothing. But she insisted that our walk would be fun and sexy.

When we exited the car, she adjusted her own tights by puling up on them until her vagina lips were clearly visible. 'How does that look? she asked. While I had never ever considered myself a lesbian or bisexual the sight of her in those form fitting pants made my own vagina tingle. 'You too,' she urged. As I pulled up I could feel the form fitting material clinging to my vagina and the sensation of warmth and pressure was amazing.

'Watch them stare at us,' my friend whispered as we walked. And she was right, almost everyone who passed us on the bridge walk glanced down at our crotches and slowed as we passed. I would not have believed it but the experience of showing ourselves to both men and women on the bridge was an amazing aphrodisiac. By the time I had walked half way across the bridge I could feel the heat and wetness pulsating from my vagina.

When we finally returned to the car she asked if I was wet and I said that I was going to need a shower. 'That's why we took our panties off,' she laughed, 'because if we had not we couldn't wear them.' I was wondering how I would relieve my own sexual tension as we returned to her apartment but by the time we got there I was beginning to calm down a little.

Once inside her place, she ushered me toward her shower telling me that I should go first. I was anxious to clean myself up from the perspiration and the sticky wetness in my borrowed pants so I peeled my clothing in and stepped into her shower. Just a few moments later she stepped in with me and it became clear that she was as aroused as I was. After soaping my back her fingers found their way to my breasts, and then down to my special place where her fingers probed and tweaked as she pressed against me. The feeling of her soapy breasts against my back was amazingly erotic and without fully understanding what was happening I turned toward her and began to reciprocate her touches. We both came within a few minutes in a shuddering climax that had to be one of the most powerful of my life.

After the shower we staggered into her bed where we held each other for hours, touched each others breasts and masturbated each other several more times.

So if you are one of the walkers on the bridge, the next time you see us you will know why the cameltoe girls go walking every weekend. It has been a year now and we rarely miss a week.

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