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Electric Toothbrush

I'm 22 and have just discovered the joys of using an electric toothbrush. Boy have I been missing out! I've enjoyed using vibrators for years, but this is just on another level.
First I strip naked and lie on my bed with my trusty toothbrush at my side. I begin by running my hands all over my body, paying particular attention to my full breasts. I gently pinch my nipples and squeeze my breasts together until I can tell I'm really wet. Then I reach for the toothbrush and the real fun can start! I place the brushes directly on my clit and start it up. The feeling is so intense I can barely stand it. If the powerful brushes hit my clit straight on, my whole body jerks and I gasp to catch my breath. I keep brushing around, and sometimes briefly on my clit until until I feel the tension building. It's so intense I want to pull the toothbrush away but I know my determination will be rewarded soon. My hands shake badly but I keep the brush on my clit as my shouting gets louder and my whole body explodes.
I'm sure I could achieve multiple orgasms this way, but I'm so exhausted and tender afterwards I cannot keep the toothbrush on me any longer. If anyone has any tips on how I could achieve this, please let me know x

Posted on: 2012-08-05 00:00:00 | Author: