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Bodybuilders With Big Dicks

I am a 37 year old married woman with two young kids. When I was younger I was in excellent shape. After we had kids I never worked to get back into top shape and really began to look rather frumpy. It all changed about a year ago, my girlfriend had started working out at a gym and was getting into amazing shape. I decided to join her.

Well, the transformation was fast. We were really into it, running, classes and lifting weights. We both were looking great. My husband enjoyed my new body but he didn't join the gym, he liked to stay lazy, he would stay home and watch the girls while I worked out two hours a day. Meanwhile, at the gym my girlfriend and I were getting a lot of attention from some male bodybuilders. These guys were the real deal. They entered amateur competitions and usually won.

The guys would help us gals out with tips, spotting us and encouraging us. The spotting was a bit interesting as they'd practically hang their dicks right in our faces as we bench pressed. Overall it was nice getting such attention. At home my husband would always be begging for sex, but he didn't really turn me on. He was well overweight, lazy and has a rather short penis, 4 inches. Occasionally I'd tell him to clean this up or fix that and when he's done I'd give him a handjob. He lasts about all of two minutes, not what I'd call a stud.

These guys in the gym on the other hand were quite the studs. You could make out a nice package in their shorts. Well, one day the guys asked me and my girlfriend if we'd help them out with a competition they were entering. We'd be able to go backstage for the prep and see all the action. We could help them get ready. We weren't sure what that meant exactly but it sounded fun. I asked my husband if he'd like to go to the bodybuilding show as some friends from the gym were competing. As usual he told me to go and have a good time; he would stay home and watch the kids. OK, fine.

When we got there it was really cool and exciting seeing all these super built people walking around backstage. The guys were real nice and showed us around, introducing us to many people. Finally their competition was coming up so they had to prepare. We went into the back room with them while they lifted some hand weights, flexed, etc. They then disrobed to their tiny Speedo's and asked us to oil them down.

My friend and I looked at each other and laughed and said sure. We took out the oil and spread it on each guy, the chest, back, arms, etc. I was getting turned on and when I started for the abs I saw my guy was very turned on. His penis was hard as a rock and sticking out from the Speedo. I looked up at him with my mouth wide open. He said, 'I really need some help from you so I can go out onto the stage'. I looked down and his cock was probably twice my husband's in length and thickness. This is a real cock I thought. I looked over at my girlfriend, she was in a similar predicament but was already jacking her guy off with the oil. I knew he could not go on stage with that hard on, impossible.

OK, I said. He sat down on a bench and I pulled his Speedo down. His cock was huge and amazingly hard. I poured the oil over it and started to jerk him off. I was fascinated by the size. After about five minutes he started to groan. I kept jerking, he shot ropes into the air. It got on my hair, shirt, arm and hands. I was so horny. I looked at my girlfriend and she was cleaning up the come her guy shot.

Long story short, the guys went out and won some medals. When I got home I made my husband fuck my pussy using the biggest dildo I had. I came so hard and went right to sleep. I didn't even reciprocate with him. The next day he was desperate for sex. I looked at his little penis and told him he'll have to take care of that little thing himself as I'm too tired. After seeing a real cock his little penis looked rather pathetic.

I laid down the law with him after that to get his body into shape. He joined the gym and did get into shape. My girlfriend and I told the guys afterwards we couldn't hang with them anymore as we were both married and couldn't risk it, the temptation was too great. In the end it all worked out.

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