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Like many young guys, it doesn't take much to get me feeling horny. I usually jerk off once a day; more if I get some quality perving at school or find a video that particularly appeals to me. More often than not I wake up hard, but due to mornings being rushed I don't have any time to satisfy myself until later on. I spend my days at school somewhat aroused, mostly due to the girls everywhere looking nice. Many of them wear their skirts nice and short, revealing amazing legs, and if I'm really lucky, a chance at seeing up their skirts at their panties.

Talking about girls with my friends always has excited me, but we never really used to talk about much. It was just a case of who's hot and who's not. All this would change with a sleepover me and a few of my best friends had a few days ago. My friends and I are all virgins and had no experience with girls, but as I found out, they are just as horny as I am. My friend Mark had organised myself and our mutual friend Dave to sleepover at his house on a Friday night after school. It was the norm that every few weeks we would all get together at one of our houses at the end of a school week, order pizza, watch movies, and play video games late into the night. That week was a busy week for all of us; with practice examinations taking up most of our time, and a school play on the Wednesday and Thursday night that we were all part of, it meant none of us had much free time. Arriving at Mark's house on Friday afternoon, I realised I hadn't been able to jerk off since Wednesday morning.

I'd had a good few days in terms of perving on the girls at school as well. A cute blonde named Sarah who was rather busty accidentally pushed her chest into me in the mad rush between classes on Thursday morning, and Lilly, a petite redhead from my English class, was walking in front of me during lunch that same day; her school dress slightly see-through thanks to the sun, revealing pink panties with thin white stripes. To top things off, during my last class on Friday (just before meeting up with the guys and heading over to Mark's house), Fiona, a pretty brunette whom I have a crush on, decided not to do up the top button on her blouse and wear her skirt short, as per usual. She was sitting opposite me, bending over to do her work and showing me a nice amount of cleavage, and the hint of a red bra. During the lesson, her long legs and nice thighs were on display, and I was lucky enough to glimpse a pair of red frilly panties when she uncrossed and recrossed her legs.

Mark's house was always my favourite place for us to have our sleepovers. His parents let us stay up later and gave us more privacy and paid for our pizzas, he had a big house with a pool and an amazing entertainment system, and he had an older sister. A cute older sister. A cute, curvy older sister who didn't wear that much around the house during the summer. This Friday night was no exception. Eva, his sister, greeted us at the door when we got home, and had some exchanged some friendly sibling bickering with Mark. Wearing a tight black singlet with an obvious light blue bra underneath, and tiny bike shorts hugging her ass and showing off her legs, Dave and I found it hard to tear our eyes away. Eva was always nice to us and didn't take offence to our somewhat obvious staring; she saw us friends of her kid brother and we both knew we'd never have a chance with her, and she liked the attention.

Nevertheless, all of this preamble was to set the scene; I was horny as hell, and spending the night with my two best friends, with apparently no chance to jerk off. The sleeping arrangement was the same as usual; all of us crammed into Mark's bedroom, sharing two double mattresses on the floor. We did what we usually did during the afternoon; swam in Mark's pool (unfortunately Eva didn't join us this time, although swimming there did trigger memories of her in a rather revealing two piece black bikini), ordered pizza and drank soft drink, watched a movie on their big television, then went up to Mark's room to play some video games. We set up our sleeping bags on the mattresses; we were pretty close to one another, but there was enough room for comfort. At around one in the morning we decided we'd played enough for the night and got ready for bed; we stripped down to our boxers and got into our sleeping bags. We sat up in a circle so we could talk better. I'd been feeling antsy all night, and tried best to hide my half erect cock. Anybody who has been to a sleepover knows the fun doesn't end when the lights are turned off. The talking began, and we talked about everything. Video games, sports, cars, even recent events in the news, and finally we reached the most exciting topic of the night. Girls.

It started off as the predictable listing of who was hot. I think it was a combination of us being good friends and trusting one another, the comfortable setting, and all of us feeling rather horny (although I didn't know that until later) that let the conversation go further for the first time. When Mark mentioned Sarah was hot, Dave added, she does have nice tits. We'd never talked this openly before, and this was moving into new kinds of conversation, but I could tell we all liked where it was going. I quickly agreed with Dave and told them what had happened to me the day prior. They were both interested, and asked what her boobs felt like. Mark said I'd love to put my hands on them and have a feel, and we started talking about which other girls has nice boobs too. Dave said he thought it was great that many girls left the top button of their blouses undone and Mark told us the story of when he briefly saw Fiona in a bra when she was quickly changing from her sports top into her blouse and thought nobody was around.

I had been getting progressively harder throughout our talk, but Mark's story made me rock hard. Not only did I have a thing for Fiona, but I also had a big thing for bras. I loved seeing girls in bras, and one of my favourite things to jerk off over was the bra section in store catalogues. I asked Mark about what colour the bra was and what style, and after he replied it was a white bra, he mentioned I seemed to like bras a lot. I admitted to my friends that I really liked bras, and to my relief neither of them laughed at me. Dave agreed that the cleavage shown in just a bra was great, and Mark added girls did look pretty sexy in just a bra. I hold back any longer during this talk about bras, and I slid my right hand as slowly and silently as possible into my sleeping bag and onto the massive tent in my boxers, just lightly caressing the head of my cock.

After telling my friends about one of my main turn-ons, I asked both of them if they had anything in particular that they liked. Dave replied first, telling us he loved when he saw up a girls skirt and saw her panties. This lead to tons of discussion, all of us sharing all of the times we could remember seeing up a girls skirt. We took it in turns telling the whole story; who, when, where, how, and most importantly, the colour and style of her panties, and all gave each other tips, such as sitting across the classroom from girls with shorts skirts, and hanging around under the stairs. Mark asked Dave why we liked it so much, and he replied it was the thrill of perving and the satisfaction of seeing their panties. I added it was possible to imagine them just in their panties later, and maybe even a matching bra, and Mark and Dave both agreed that matching bra and panties was hot as hell. During this conversation, I was lightly touching my cock, and trying to be as discrete about it as possible. It occurred to me that Dave and Mark might be horny too, so I began trying to sneak peeks at what they were doing. I wasn't attracted to them, and all three of us are straight, but the idea of them being aroused over the same things I was, and jerking off over it, was quite a turn-on.

Mark didn't have one of his arms in his sleeping bag like me, but had his right hand on top, looking as if it was just lying there. Looking closer, I noticed his hand was approximately where his cock would be, and that he would occasionally move his hips up and down just slightly, pushing into his hand. I had a feeling he was brushing his cock against his hand for the same reason I was; the conversation was getting hot. Dave was a little worse at hiding it; he had his arm in his sleeping bag like me, but instead of just caressing the head discretely, you could see his sleeping bag moving up and down slowly around where his cock was. I assumed he had his fist around his cock, and was just as hard as the rest of us. As the conversation continued, we all got more and more horny, and more and more obvious about what we were doing. Rustling could be heard from our sleeping bags, the occasional quiet sigh escaped our lips, and Mark eventually moved his arm into his sleeping bag and by the looks of it was pumping his cock slowly like Dave. By this stage, I had wrapped my fist around my cock from outside my boxers and was jerking it slowly, conscious that it was noticeable in my sleeping bag, but beyond caring because I was so horny.

It was Mark's turn to tell us his turn-on, and he revealed that he a fantasy about hiding in the girls change room, and watching them change. Dave asked if he preferred the idea of them changing from sport uniform into their school skirt and blouse, or vice versa, and Mark replied vice versa, but told us that the part where they got out of their school uniform, into their panties or even nothing, was always the best bit in his head. I asked Mark what he did when he thought about girls getting changed, knowing the answer, and there was a slight awkward silence. Finally, Mark said what we're all doing right now, Dave added this conversation is getting so hot, it's impossible not to, and I agreed. We'd never talked about jerking off before, and that's how it began. I learnt that they both jerked off at least once a day like me, and hadn't been able to for a few days due to being busy for school. We talked about the things we fantasised about while jerking off, and eventually got to how we did it. Mark asked us both how we were doing it at the moment; I replied first saying I was slowly pumping my cock from outside of my boxers, and Dave said he had just reached his hand into his boxers and was gently rubbing the head of his cock. Mark then said he was jerking his cock outside of his boxers like me, but thought a bit more room would be a good idea. We questioned him about what he meant, and he admitted the idea of us jerking off together was turning him on, and asked if we wanted to jerk off out of our sleeping bags.

Dave and I were slightly hesitant about it, so Mark explained he wasn't feeling gay at all, just that it was a hot conversation and jerking off together could be fun. I agreed it could be fun, but Dave was more uncertain. Mark said he had a surprise for us if we did, something that would make it more than worth it, which eventually won Dave over. We all got out of our sleeping bags and sat in a circle. In the dim light, I could see Mark jerking off his cock through his boxers, squeezing just below the head and a little up and a little down in quick motions, and Dave with his hand in his boxers, his cock pressing up against the side, clearly wanting to escape. I had my hand in my boxers also, and was massaging the head of my cock against the silk, creating a nice feeling, and imagining it was Fiona's red panties. Dave asked what the surprise was, and Mark began by saying he noticed us staring at Eva earlier. We both started apologising but he said it was fine, he agreed she was hot as, and admitted he is so turned on by bras and panties at school that he sometimes stole hers. This was a massive turn-on for me and Dave, and we both began jerking proper inside our boxers. Mark then produced the blue bra she was wearing earlier, and a matching blue thong. I was in disbelief, and hornier than I had ever been in my life. Eva's bra and panties, matching, that she had just worn earlier that day!

Mark could tell we both liked the surprise, so he passed them around, and we took turns examining, touching and holding her underwear. When it was my turn to hold the bra, I told the others it was too much, and I desperately needed to jerk off. All of us were horny beyond reason, so we quickly removed out boxers, placed Eva's bra and panties in the middle of our circle, and began jerking our cocks furiously. It was an amazing feeling, getting to see Mark and Dave hard as rocks and jerking off over the same thing I was, seeing Eva's panties and especially her bra right in front of me, and finally getting to jerk off properly after all that waiting. We discovered Mark was just as turned on by his sister and me and Dave, and we began telling a joint fantasy about her. It started with her in her sexy blue underwear stripping down for us, then giving us a hand, then more. I was really close, when Dave added to the fantasy, imagine if when she still had the thong on, she slipped her hand into it, and started playing with herself!

The thought of a girl playing with herself. Oh, my, god. I couldn't hold back. I grunted, then started cumming, hard. Thick ropes of my cum landed, making me cum more. Dave and Mark both started cumming an instant later, Mark adding how nice Eva would sound fingering herself before blowing his load over her pretty thong. Dave also cummed on the bra. Laying back, exhausted, we smiled at each other and all agreed that was the best jerk off we'd ever had. We fell asleep pretty soon after, and in the morning agreed to keep the bra and panties (as they had our cum all over them) and bring them to feature sleepovers. There was also talk of borrowing some more of Eva's sexy underwear, and possibly some skirts, stockings, heels and her old school uniform, and maybe even trying it on, to help our fantasies next time. I'm really looking forward to Friday night in a few weeks time, and will write about it as well if there's interest.

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