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Different Accessories

In the April story, I added to my clothes, high heels, and lip stick with nail polish. Said I would contribute after getting different high heels. Managed to have partner with me, and purchased different high heels, different lip stick and different nail polish. But, partner was told, I had different pantyhose, to go with the different lip stick, and different nail polish and would choose a time to masturbate wearing all the different items. And when it came time, I did just that. Put together an outfit, that matched close to the pattern high heels with 4 inch, beige soles/heels. And wearing the different lipstick and nail polish, I added the one part, that I had purchased long ago, the spider web pattern high heels. The only change I made to the outfit, which I wore previously, was a pair of black boy panties. The bra, skirt and top all matched. The opportunity to wear them all at the same time, was exciting enough. But, to masturbate my cock wearing the different high heels, lipstick and nail polish, was a great feeling. And eventually, as normal, that cock managed to explode. For my friend who liked the April contribution, you haven't answered if you added to your husband's outfit. He might enjoy the added feeling of high heels, lipstick and nail polish.

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