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Standing Naked in the Doorway

This happened last Saturday.

My wife and I have a friend named Jenny that comes over to our house every Saturday evening to hang out. Jenny is about 5'2' with dark brown hair. I couldn't say what her measurements are; she's slim but has a woman's curves, and has noticeably large breasts. Needless to say, she's quite sexy without even trying.

On this particular Saturday, my wife was working, so it was just going to be Jenny and me hanging out. Jenny called in the late afternoon to let me know she was on her way. She lives about 45 miles away, so I knew it would take her about an hour to arrive. I figured this would be the perfect amount of time to get in a good run and a quick shower. I changed into my running clothes and set out for a jog in the summer heat.

When I got home, there was still no sign of Jenny, so, sweaty and breathless, I stripped out of my running clothes and left them in the master bedroom. I wanted to cool off a bit before getting in the shower, so I stood underneath the ceiling fan in the guest room, letting myself air out. I suddenly remembered that Jenny doesn't knock, but instead comes right in, and she could arrive at any moment. I didn't have a stitch of clothing on me or with me, not even a towel to cover up, and I would have to go into a different room to get something. I decided I would wait just a little longer, and head into the bathroom once I was cooled off a bit more. The idea of Jenny showing up with me completely naked got me nervous, especially since I would have to walk from the guest bedroom, through the hallway, and into the bathroom, without her seeing me. My heart started to pound at the thought of this and I became somewhat horny... just as I heard the front door open.

'Hello?' I heard Jenny call out to me.

Our house is laid out so the hallway leading to the bathroom opens out into the main living area, and the front door is just around the corner. You can't see into bathroom directly from the front door but you just have to take a few steps in and turn around a corner.

I started the quick walk out of the guest bedroom towards the bathroom, fully intending on closing the bathroom door behind me. I couldn't see Jenny as I walked by, which meant she hadn't come into the house far enough to see me either. I could hear her setting her stuff down on the couch, which I knew would keep her JUST out of view. As I stepped into the bathroom, I replied back, 'Hi Jenny'.

But I didn't close the door to the bathroom.

Instead, I just stood there, one shoulder leaning against the door jam, facing towards the living room where I knew Jenny would be standing. She was still around the corner, and couldn't see me yet. In just a matter of seconds, my heart started pounding so hard I could feel it in my forehead. My legs started shaking with the excitement, and even though I was planning on closing the door at any minute (I knew I needed to!) somehow my body wasn't doing it.

'Did you try calling my cell phone?' Jenny asked from the living room. I could tell exactly where she was standing once she spoke again, and I knew just how close she was to coming into view. I responded, and for the next minute or so, without moving a muscle, I stood naked in the doorway, having a casual conversation with her in the next room, nothing to keep her from seeing me but a few short steps past the corner.

After we talked about her drive over, the run I had just gotten back from, and a few other things, I heard her footsteps come closer. My heart skipped a beat, and the smarter part of me stepped back a little and closed the bathroom door, but left it open a crack so I could see her to give a proper Hello. I told her I would just be a minute while I took a shower.

She saw me through the crack (I was leaning so she would have only seen my uncovered shoulder) and she gave me a little smile. So I closed the door all the way and turned on the water.

Once in the shower, I was overcome with the excitement of the near-miss and I masturbated furiously for about five minutes. I started to worry that Jenny would wonder what was taking me so long, and the thought of her waiting on the couch while I stood in the shower, my back against the wall with my cock in my hand, pushed me over the edge. I let out a few discreet but audible moans, not sure if Jenny could hear me, but not sure she couldn't either. I dried off, got dressed, and when I came out finally ready for the night, Jenny gave me another little smile that made me wonder just how much she had heard after all.

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