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A Day of Sailing

I was fifteen when I first discovered that I not only liked boys but also girls, or in this case women. Here's what happened...

I live near the ocean and our next door neighbor and his wife were totally into sailing. One Saturday Tom's wife Angel asked me if I would like to go sailing with them on Sunday. I told them I would have to ask my parents but I was tremendously excited about the thought of being on their large sailboat out on the ocean. My parents said 'fine' and the next morning we were out on the boat bright and early. Shortly after we set out I noticed that Angel wore a very loose fitting short sleeve top and I had no trouble in either looking down her top or looking through the arm opening and seeing her entire tit. I was certainly old enough to realize that I was fascinated by looking at her nipples in particular and I knew that I was being sexually stimulated by the sight. I was having a great time on the boat but I was also enjoying my views of Angel's lovely tits. All good things must come to an end and we headed back to the dock. We had planned on having lunch at a waterfront restaurant which was also a treat for me. As we neared the marina Angel took out a nice blouse from her bag. She took off her top just as another boat was passing by. They waved and blew their horn. Angel then casually folded up her top and put it in her bag. She then put on the fresh blouse. I could not take my eyes off of her tits and she saw me staring. I felt my face redden but she said nothing.

That night I couldn't wait to get to my room and jill, all the while thinking about Angel's tits. I could imagine holding them and feeling her nipples. I thought of how they would feel in my mouth. I imagined Angel touching me and putting a finger into my cunt hole. It was one of my best cums ever. That was the moment when I knew I also liked girls or in this case a woman. I am now twenty and I have a serious boyfriend but I have had several sexual encounters with mostly older women and I will continue to do so. I would still love to spend an hour in bed with Angel.

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