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Sex in the Dressing Rooms

Sex in the Dressing Rooms

Hey, I totally love this site.

I'm a 14 male who just recently I was at the store and I got really horny! I decided that I was going to Jack off, but since I didn't feel the bathroom was sturdy enough for me to do it in there, I took some boxer shorts into the dressing room. I began to jack off, when I heard a guy get into the room next to mine. Since the mirrors are in the outside of the room I saw him looking at himself in the mirror and I got naked, put the boxer shorts on and went out to the mirror to check myself out while my major hard dick was sticking completely out. When i was waiting for the mirror, I saw the man glance at my dick many times. He then went to his room and I checked myself out in the mirror. Then the man came out to check himself in different pants and I left my door open and I took off my boxers and I was completely naked!

I started jacking off and he kept staring at me! Then he too started grabbing at his dick and balls and he went into his room. I kept jacking off with the door open and the next thing I know, the man comes into my room naked! He starts jacking me off and I him and the next thing I know, I'm sucking his 9" long dick while I play with his hairy balls! It was fun! It was fun having sex in the dressing rooms...!



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