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Hot Day at the River

Where I live there's a road with lots of turnouts along a river where people park and descend to sun and get wet. This one particular hot day I'm cruising the road and spot two cars parked that glaringly hint of young female owners. I was getting hot and horny in my car and was considering masturbating when I thought 'I wonder if these chicks are hot?' I put on a pair of panties and my swim trunks and went to see what lay at the rivers edge. There were a couple of hot chicks with their boyfriends in skimpy suits having a good time.

I sat and the girls started parading, bending, standing while stroking their hair (all that turns me on). After a half an hour of swimming and sunning I was full of awesome images to close my eyes and stroke off to.

I made my way back to my car for a rolled up window naked sweaty sauna super jerk. An Escalade was now parked in front of my car with what looked like nobody in it. I got in my car and peeled off my shorts and started to relax in just a thong when a long haired brunette head popped up in the drivers seat of the SUV. My cock started warming and flowing immediately and the material of the thong was struggling to maintain control of my rapidly engorging member.

Suddenly this lady's husband appears from a different trail. I panic as he's feet away from me. Three steps and I'm in full view, no time to cover up. Somehow he doesn't notice me and opens the back seat door and grabs some stuff, says something to his goddess, and makes his way down to the river. Less than a minute later a 110 pound sexy 30 year old brunette in a bikini top and small white terry cloth miniskirt is the image in front of my sweaty adrenaline pumped up panty wearing hard on ass.

Of course she needs to open the back hatch to get out supplies. I don't know if she ever considered me there because I wasn't in my car when she pulled in. The next thing I know the doors are wide open to a very unorganized compartment. I'm less than 10 feet away from her awesome legs leading into a hot miniskirt. At this point I start to make contact with my cock and it is really really hard. She then starts to bend over and rummage and the skirt starts to rise, her inner thighs are magnificent. My contact turns into rubbing my head and coating my hand with my pre-cum which is oozing.

She bends over a little more and the first glimpse of a white material reveals itself. I take the deepest breath of my life and connect with the unbelievable pleasure of the moment. Then for a minute or two I lock in to a feeling like my dick is stroking my still hand from the intense throbbing while I stare right at her. She never turned to see me or look. Then she took me over the top as she leaned over to grab an especially far item and there was the perfect unsuspecting bent over up skirt image of a hot stranger. Oh my god did I cum hard. I pulled up my shorts and started my car as she finally turned and looked at me a little weird. I gave her a big smile and she smiled warmly back. A lovely send off from a lady who may have made my cock the hardest it's ever been.

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