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Girls Night Out (2)

This is my fourth submission and my story began with a massage that my girlfriends at work gave me for a birthday gift. The massage was a sexual re-awakening and led to the beginning of a monthly adventure called girls night out. This is the story of my second girls night out session, last Friday,

I met Judy, Trish and Beth at the hotel just blocks from our office like the first time. This time I brought an extra pair of lacy panties like Judy and Trish did. Beth is not a frilly underwear girl. After we each had a frozen drink, Beth and I followed Judy and Trish up the elevator to the room that Trish had reserved. Trish is single and not worried about a paper trail that a husband might see on her charge card, but we all chipped in for the cost.

Once in the room Judy and Trish explained that I would no longer have Beth all to myself, like I had the previous month, and that we would all be sharing her. Apparently Beth was the favorite among all of us. As we dug into the tray of appetizers that had been delivered to the room we all laughed and joked about our monthly sessions. Beth left the room first to shower, followed by Judy. When they returned together wrapped in towels, I took my turn.

I was shocked in the middle of my shower when Trish slipped into the steamy shower with me. She was naked and carrying a bottle of body soap. 'Turn around,' she whispered, and as I did she began soaping up my back and shoulders. Her touch was sensual as it continued toward the small of my back and her fingers began to massage my bottom. Then she began to probe between my cheeks and down toward my anus.

Ever so gently, as the water danced off of our shoulders, Trish began to make small circles with her soapy fingers around my anus, causing shock waves of pleasure that I had never experienced before, I had never engaged in anal play before and I was totally amazed at the feelings that her fingers were creating,

Without entering me in a deep way Trish probed my anus squeezing and pressing with her other hand against my vagina. In my fantasies before this second girl night out I had imagined that I would hold off my own climax until hours had passed and suddenly here I was in the preliminary shower moaning and gasping as Trish was playing with both my clitoris and my anus. I tried to stop myself, moaning to Trish that I was getting too aroused, but she continued with her touch until I almost collapsed into the shower floor with my knees trembling.

We dried ourselves, kissed, and went back to the room where Beth and Judy were completely naked in one of the beds, kissing and touching each other. 'Let's get close,' Trish whispered, and we sat on the edge of the bed to watch what they were doing.

'Look at it,' Trish whispered, as she put a finger on Beth's now engorged clit. 'It is so amazing. We can't let you have it all to yourself,' she added. Even though I had just cum I was still aroused and as Trish began to touch Beth's clitoris I did too. Suddenly there were three sets of fingers touching Beth and the excitement of all that attention was too much for her. With a gasp, Beth's body jackknifed and she began to convulse on the bed.

Beth's arousal and her attention to Judy's clitoris was transferred to Judy like an electric shock and within seconds of Beth's orgasm, Judy began to moan and gasp, signalling her own climax. As she calmed from her tension, Trish laid down on the edge of the bed with Judy and Beth began to furiously masturbate herself. I placed my hand on Judy's tummy, exerting pressure against her pubic bone and as I did Judy let out a long guttural moan of excitement, her climax was the best of all of them.

Judy and Trish got out of bed and returned to the table where a bottle of white wine was waiting for us. As they did, Beth pulled me toward her and began kissing me. Within minutes we were French kissing and I was totally aroused again. Beth rolled me onto her and we were suddenly pressed into an incredibly sexual missionary position, a posture that I would never have imagined that two women could use to bring each other to climaxes. But then I could never have imagined a woman with a clitoris as large as a small penis.

With Beth on the bottom pressing me into her muscular body we both began to press and grind against each other. The heat from her vulva penetrated me and as we squeezed against each other I could feel her hardening clitoris pushing its way in to myself. I leaned up on my elbows to enhance the feeling of her clitoris and as I did Beth found my nipples with her mouth and began to suckle and manipulate my clitoris with her fingers. I only lasted a minute after that and collapsed into a screaming orgasm.

Judy and Trish laughed that Hotel Security was going to be called as I melted into Beth's arms. When I got up and wobbled back to the couch where Judy and Trish were drinking wine, my knees felt like I might never be able to walk again.

But it wasn't over. Beth sat next to me on the couch, spread her legs open and began to manipulate her own clitoris. 'Want to see how I masturbate?' she laughed. At first it seemed that she was just playing when she touched herself, but after a few minutes she said that she was behind by at least one orgasm, and picked up the pace of her own touch.

I was mesmerized watching her. Her clit was at least as large as a small penis and had the distinctive shape of a male sex organ as she expertly gripped it near the base of the fleshy hood and pulled it back and forth. As her clit extended from its hood to its fullest length, more than two inches when she did it to herself, she touched the tip with a wet finger. With each stroke and touch she gasped and trembled. It was clear that she, herself, knew how to make her arousal accelerate.

Suddenly she gasped and rolled into a ball, convulsing again as she had earlier. When I left the hotel I was already looking forward to our next meeting. I also became aware of the fact that Beth and Trish usually stayed for the evening; just one more thing for me to have fantasies about for the next month.

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