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My Friend's Mom's Panties

When I was around 15 or so, I stayed over at a friends house once. My friends mom was pretty attractive, but I never thought about her in a sexual way.

That night however, when I went to take a shower, I noticed her bra hanging off the towel rack, and there was a laundry basket below it. This got me going, and I went through the laundry basket and found a pair of her panties. I brought them up to my face and sniffed the crotch area. The moment I breathed in that tangy, sweaty aroma, my cock became rock hard.

I sat down on the toilet and put her panties over my face, and inhaled that delicious pussy aroma while I jerked myself off. I licked the crotch part a little, and that did it. I came hard, and even after cumming I continued smelling and licking the panties, tasting the dried up pussy juice.

I wanted to steal it but decided it was too risky. How I wish I had kept it. Even now, I remember that delicious sexy smell and how sour and salty it tasted.

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