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The Health Spa Lady

Waking up early one morning with a very hard powerful erection, I decided to do something I had never done before. Self masturbation was and always is an option, but I decided to go and try something new.

I drove to a health spa a few towns away, where I had driven by several hundred times in the past. This was my first time ever thinking about a massage. I had never experienced such a thing and did not know what to expect.

Walked up to the front door, which was tinted green just like all the windows across the front of this building. You could not see inside of this place. There was a sign by this black button which read, 'push buzzer'. I pushed the black button and heard a buzzing sound coming from inside the building. Very shortly after pushing buzzer, the sound of what sounded like a large set of keys unlocking and hitting on the glass was heard.

A short dark haired lady opened the door and said 'come in, come in, come in' very fast. I followed her inside and she locked the glass door behind us. I was feeling a little anxious then thinking, what have I got myself into now?

'What do you want', was the next thing I heard. I think I mumbled something about wanting a massage and was led down a hall with doors on each side that opened to a very large area and escorted to a small room.

'You take clothes off', was the next I was hearing. I don't think I have ever refused a woman that asked that of me. While I was undressing she closed the door and was gone. I'm getting a little nervous, not knowing what to expect? I strip down to my underwear and start waiting for the return of this dark haired stranger. I wait, I wait, a little longer I wait, I finally open the door and this woman is standing on the other side of the door. She looks at me and I hear 'take off', and she is pointing at my underwear. In a New York second, I was totally naked!

Following this woman, I was led into the big room where there was a group of females of all ages. These women and girls seemed to be sitting on the floor playing some sort of game? I was directed to walk right next to this group. There I was no clothes on, naked, females of very many different ages watching, and looking at my cock, ass, balls and everything. Hey it was kinda exciting!

We reached a group shower, which was located on the other side of this large room. My new lady friend, turned on a shower, let it warm up and motioned for me to get under it. This was so hot! I'm getting soaped up and cleaned. Face was washed, shoulder's, had to raise arms. The cock was cleansed well and it swelled a little because it felt so good. This woman even washed between my toes. I was toweled off, not all the way dry, but the woman with the towels was leaving?

Feeling a little ignorant, I walked back to the doorway that led back to where all the girls were sitting. There was my new friend curling her finger towards herself. I followed her again, right next to this group of females. There was no pretense then, these girls and women were watching, some staring! The cock started swelling and before I reached the other hallway. I could not help myself from turning back around, slowly gyrating hips and watching the expressions on each of these females faces!

In the room where my clothes were, I was directed to lay on this white table. I was facing down to start with. Neck, shoulders, back. etc. was rubbed. She worked her way down.

'Turn over', was heard next, and I did. A little shoulder rubbing was done and then I hear,'you no pay for this, me do this because I like you'. 'You no pay for this'. I'm laying on my back this woman places her hand around my cock and starts slowly a up and down motion!

This woman was wearing black short pants, I reached under a pant leg and started rubbing her clitty. That thing started gushing fluid! I'm working on her and she slowed down on me so, I slowed down on her. The woman pulled away from me and said 'you rub on top of shorts'.

Ok, no giving her a orgasm?

The woman started again pulling up and down on my cock! She may have done this very many times prior to this? I'm getting very close to an orgasm because she strokes a cock very fast. I'm hearing her say things like, 'you so strong'. 'Veddy meny musckles'.

A very strong orgasm feeling was starting to appear as the fast stroking continued!

Oh, Yea, I'm cumming! The dark haired woman never stopped stroking!

Every up stroke that woman made, there was a huge shot of pearly white goo going everywhere as she pointed my cock! Shot after shot was followed by another, then still another!

Whew! the orgasm! Still laying on this white massage table, I looked at the doorway. The door was opened a little and there were very many eye's staring at my erupted cock.

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