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My New Vacuum Device

Good morning all you jillers and jackers! Come fall, it will be a full (pun?) 60 years since I was taught how to pleasure myself. I've really enjoyed life all those years, even after getting married when my wife was not in the mood for excitement.

Yes, I've always been proud of what the good Lord endowed me with, but after my 70th birthday, 'he' was harder to get to cooperate and respond. A flyer came in the mail from a company that makes vacuum pumps. I had made my own, but it was not perfect. Two things in the ad really caught my eye. One, if a doctor will sign, Medicare will pay for the vacuum pump and the other that is helps prevent 'non-use atrophy.' Yes on that because my wife has not let me 'come in' since before our 40th anniversary and I certainly don't want 'him' to shrivel away like our neighbor once told me that he was shriveling. His wife verified it saying, 'He has almost nothing left.'

When the vacuum pump arrived several weeks ago, I experimented and enjoyed the fullness. Instructions were not to leave restriction rings on longer than 30 minutes. I knew that males have gone to the emergency room where the doctor cut them open to remove blood clots. So of course, I didn't want that and called the company, telling them that I would not be using the restriction rings as I was not expecting to have intercourse. So I asked if there was any restriction as to how long I could leave the vacuum on and was told 'No restriction for vacuum.' That sounded great! I could enjoy fullness for as long as I wanted to! Yes! The first time, I kept him up fully engorged for two hours before revoving the aparatus and pumping excitedly until I exploded.

Since then I've learned that I much prefer to pump 'him' up, remove the vacuum, and enjoy his fullness in my hand, feeling how big and hard 'he' is. I'd like to show the world. In fact right now, he's big inside the vacuum tube. Ah, what a great feeling! Sometimes I type with one finger and play with 'him' with my other hand. This time I wanted to type faster, so am just letting 'him' enjoy his fullness before I submit this story and finish.

Ah, 'he's' so beautiful when his head is shiny and purple and he lies happy in my hand, all seven and a quarter inches of him and two inches across. Ah, how majestic 'he' looks! What I like about vacuum is that it pumps 'him' up fuller than a natural erection. What I really like is to vacuum, remove, feel and stroke very slowly, then vacuum, remove, and stroke slowly, repeating for an hour more or less until I can't take any more teasing and have to pump rapidly till 'he' explodes, sending sparklers clear to my brain before the volcno erupts. Yes, I've read that orgsam and ejaculation are not the same. Orgasm is neurological and ejaculation is physical. I've got to sign off and enjoy 'his' fullness and the excitement 'he' can give me. Keep on jilling and jacking! It's good for our health, both physically and mentally. RC

PS I like to use oil because it's slicker than lotion and the slickness lasts longer. Having experimented with several oils, I like oil from the kitchen best, canola in fact and it's cheapest. It has only a bit of a smell that washes off. Furthermore, oil leaves 'his' surface so soft, feels almost as good as my wife's breasts for smooth and soft when hard. Gotta submit and enjoy those marvellous feelings! Of course, I'd like any female to hold him, admire him, and make him do what he likes to best! After reading in Reader's Digest 20 or 30 years ago that there are cancer preventatives in 'cream,' I've always eaten all my cream, but just recently found out my cream is even slicker than oil. Wow!

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