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A Recent Experience

Apart from the usual bathroom/bedroom locations for a nice relaxing jill, sometimes, I like to play more of a long game and trust me, it's worth all the effort.

I never quite know when I will feel like doing it this way, somehow, I just know. I am 4'8', and not really that attractive. If you saw me in the mall, I would not turn your head. I have red hair, and pathetic boobs! Damn, they stopped growing when I was 13. But what they lack in size, they more than make up for in feeling!

I like age fantasy, and role play. Well, I should, I am an actress. No, that's too grand a word. I get a lot of work but it's always in the crowd scenes, or extras work. No headliner, me, but I make a good living.

So, today. The white knee socks and plaid skirt almost leaped out at me, as did the white cotton panties, and t shirt. Bra? Oh no! What for? A little 'hair' work, and I could pass for a teenager, and that was the look I wanted.

The mall is a great place for getting eyed up. And I love feeling eyes roving all over my body. I make certain people can see what I want them to see and crouching down to look at books in the bookshop allowed me, in a careless 'teenagery' way to let my legs open. Almost immediately a guy started to follow me, pretending to look at books, but I knew he was looking at me! I crouched down, as I said, letting my legs open. He would have seen the white material pulled tight against my pussy lips, and I bet he realised there was no hair down there either!. Me? Oh I loved it! I was getting all marshy down there, and I knew my wetness would show.

Oh, him? Well, let's just say older. MUCH older. He couldn't take his eyes off me as I fidgetted about down there. At one point I reached up my skirt and plucked my damp panties away from myself giving him a momentary flash of pussy.

I wondered if he would make a pass? (I wouldn't ever go with a stranger, but it makes for good jilling.) Instead he came and stood closer. I could see his hard-on and that made me flood! I stood up, took a glance around and did that schoolgirl uncomfortable thing down there, just rummaging around and then I walked out of the shop.

For a moment I figured he would follow, instead he just looked at me with big puppy dog eyes throught the shop window. He figured following me would get him into deep shit!

I went to the nearest girls restroom and locked myself in a cubicle. I love it in there. Mostly, other women come in to pee and then leave, but sometimes, you can hear the women next door jilling. I love that. I figured I would give someone else the thrill.

I eased my panties down (damn, but they were gooey) and sat down, spread my legs and started on myself. I heard someone enter the next closet, and I let my knee bump against the partition wall. (Oh, guys, did you know that there are 'glory holes' in some girl's toilets too? Well, there are!) I saw an eye appear just as my hand hitched my t shirt over my boobs and just as the orgasm welled up. Whoever she was, she just watched me cum and cum good!

I finished up, left the stall, but DIDN't leave the rest room. I just stood as if waiting for a friend. At least ten minutes went by before a young girl, around my age, came out of the stall, bright pink and with a nice sex flush across her neck. She had watched me, then jilled. Fabulous. I love it when that happens.

All that remained was to walk home, wet panties sticking to me all the way and then, just to finish off, I did what I like to do when I 'play younger', I squatted down and wet myself.

In my home, the rest of the afternoon was one glorious series of cums. Yummy!

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