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Carefree Nudity and Open Sexuality

When I met my second husband, I was in my 50's and he was in his 60's. Shortly after we became engaged, nudity around the house was no longer an issue and rarely did we ever have closed doors. When we made love at night it was always with the lights on as we felt the visual effects were half of the excitement.

When one of us was in a horny mood and the other wasn't home we masturbated. However, when the other WAS home and we were caught masturbating alone it was usually, 'Having fun? Don't stop on my account or Slow down and I'll join you?'

Many times when we were in bed watching TV, usually nude, I might look over and notice he was getting a little hard. Watching it grow always turned me on and I'd ask, 'Are you horny or is that an automatic reflex?'. I might also be horny from what were watching and I would unconsciously begin to touch myself. This didn't mean we were interested in masturbating and cum at the time, it was just our nature of being open in our sexuality.

Several times we masturbated, either alone or together, just because it felt good, but it didn't always necessarily to end in orgasms. It was just something we enjoyed doing. Many times we fondled, kissed and slowly masturbated, took a break and continued later. That way the eventual orgasmic release was more profound and it didn't always end with intercourse. At our ages orgasms were more intense by either masturbation or finishing orally.

I could climax just by watching an explicit video and massaging my breasts and rolling my nipples with my thumbs and fingers. Of course, when he was present he just didn't lie back and watch. When he did begin to masturbate with me I held back so we would finish together. Watching his cum begin to shoot always sent me over the edge.

Rarely have I ever had an orgasm by intercourse alone as my clitoris needs to be stimulated by either by me or my husband. Watching each other mutually masturbate, talking to each other, noticing our body movements and moans as we came closer to a climax was highly stimulating. We eventually learned to time it so we would orgasm simultaneously and the sensation was magnified and incredibly intense.

We feel sorry for couples we read about who will not be open sexually and feel they have to hide their private enjoyment from each other. Masturbation and making love is a natural urge and to us the sensation of doing it together and learning to cum simultnaeously is the epitome of sexual intimacy.

Those who masturbate and cum together usually stay together you know. This way neither needs to search out a compatible sex partner elsewhere to satisfy their needs. All we needed to do was ask, 'Darling..... I'm in the mood..... are you?'

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