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Yvonnes Dirty Panties

Yvonne is my sisters best friend. I have been wanking about her since I was 13. She is petite, with a lovely ass and big big tits. Many a load have I lost thinking about this hit slut.

Recently I was at a party in her house and ended up sleeping there. In the morning she and my sister went out leaving me alone. I ran straight to her room, raided her hamper and found loads of dirty thongs, g strings, French knickers and bras (size DD). I furiously wanked myself, then grabbed her ipad got up her facebook profile and smelt her things and bras while looking at her pictures. When I came I got a clean thong and bra and shot reams of cum in both while moaning her name.

After a half an hour I felt horny again and did the same smelling her thongs, rubbing them all over my face. Licking where her young ass would have been, I still had her pictures up on facebook. I got a picture of her face where she looked really sexy and shot a massive load on her iPad like it was her face while moaning 'Yvonne, Yvonne you filthy slut'.

I still wank everyday to her and love wanking to her facebook pics while smelling her pussy.

Thanks for all the loads Yvonne... You filthy slut!

Posted on: 2018-04-25 20:00:01 | Author: