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How Much and How Far

Several previous articles have mentioned guys shooting cum over their head while lying in the bed, as high as the ceiling and even onto a car dashboard. Even with a humongous dick I feel this is pure fantasy.

I have been fascinated seeing cum shots since I first saw them on a video. The stories of giant loads and shooting it across the room may be possible as a teenager but I have never seen it done by an adult except on fake porn videos.

I love watching my husband shoot cum, whether is by his hand or mine. It spurts out only three to four inches which usually covers one of our hands or his chest and that's fine with me. It's the sensation of watching his facial expressions and the sounds he makes that excite me. I've yet to not be aroused knowing he's close to cumming for I'm usually masturbating and come to an instant orgasm the instant I see his cum start to shoot. I'll never get enough watching it and tasting it. He enjoys tasting me too!

Posted on: 2011-12-06 00:00:00 | Author: