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Inserting Anything, Everything

Inserting Anything, Everything

my name is candy. at first i surf the net,looking for hot,naked pictures of sexy women.i imagine i am being with them.this makes me so hot. i twist my nipples slightly,to feel the tingle. i have my large vibrator,ang mini vibe next to me.i love laying on my back,legs relaxed,spread slightly. carrots,coke bottles,hairbrushes,toilet plunger handles,broom handles,candles,cucumbers,sausages,and hammer handles have all been up my pussy at one time or another.

i'm using the vibrator i just bought today,as a gift to myself. i love fucking myself to lesbian porn,pictures,or fantasies of fucking a nipples are extra hard right now. thinkng your reading this. i start touching,stroking my clit,teasing it. i slide the viberator inside my wet pussy,and put my mini massager on my clit.god,it feels good. im going to end this,so i can fuck my pussy until orgasm,and do it again, will you cum join me?

Posted on: 2000-01-06 00:00:00 | Author: