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Cousin Ellen

Growing up, my parents insisted that we never enter a closed door without first knocking. Closed doors meant somebody wanted privacy. I don't recall any member of my immediate family accidentally walking in on me. They always knocked first.

One day, I was in the bathroom taking a leak. The door was not locked. Suddenly it flew open and in walked my cousin Ellen before she even realized that I was standing at the commode, cock in hand, taking a pee. Apparently, in her family, people disregarded closed doors.

Ellen took a couple of steps toward me before she realized what I was doing. I, hovever, immediately lost my cool and started yelling at her to get the fuck out! She quickly said, 'sorry,' and walked out.

Ellen was/is two years older than me and I was horrified. I was still a virgin and no girl and ever seen me naked. To say I was embarrassed does not explain how I felt. I was near tears at the fact that Ellen had not only seen my cock, but I was peeing in front of her.

When I walked out I went into my bedroom closed the door and and starting cursing and yelling under my breath. In a few minutes there was a knock and Ellen asked if she could come in. I told her to go away but she said she was sorry and wanted to apologize. I told her to come in.

I was near tears at being so humiliated and I could tell from the look on her face that she was truly sorry. She kept apologizing and asked that I put it out of my mind. It bothered me greatly for quite some time.

It was several weeks or months later, that Ellen came by the house after school when I was home alone. Ellen asked if she could come in. She again told me how sorry she was about what had happened and she decided that to make amends for having walked in on me.

She asked if my parents, brother or sister were expected back and I knew from their daily routines that they would not be back for some time.

We went to my bedroom and closed the door. She had me sit in a chair facing the bed. She stood at the front of the bed and began taking her clothes off. I started getting very hard. In just a few minutes, she was standing nude in front of me. It was the first time I had seen a nude female body and I was about to cum in my pants

I had been jerking off for for the past year or so and knew that I was only seconds from cumming. I guess she sensed that I was about to cum and she asked if I was okay. I told her that I was going to cum. She asked if I wanted to undress and have her watch. I was so damn aroused, I told her yes.

It didn't take long. I quickly undressed and a few few seconds later, just as I was about to cum, Ellen took hold of my cock and stroked it two or three times, and I shot a load unlike any other before. Ellen's face was only inches from my cock watching as my cum shot onto my chest.

Still holding my throbbing cock, she asked if we were friends again. I told her, 'yes.' She told me how badly she felt about embarrassing me and she really wanted to make up for it.

For about the next four years, Ellen and I would masturbate each other several times a month. Eventually, she met a man who she would later marry and they moved away. Over the years, we lost touch with each other. Recently, my sister hosted a family reunion. Ellen did not attend but her son did. We had never met before. He came over to me, introduced himself, and said his mother sends her regards and to tell me that I was always her favorite cousin. If he only knew why I felt the same way about his mother.

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