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Busted My Mom

I guess like most girls, I discovered masturbation for myself, and was very careful not to let my mom or dad, or particularly my kid brother know I was doing it.

Dad left home for another woman when I was 14, and it busted mom up pretty good. My brother was a total asshole about it and all he cared about was his baseball and ice-hockey. Nothing else mattered to him.

So, I was jilling off one very hot summer evening. My brother was out and I figured mom was busy downstairs so I didn't lock my door. I was getting pretty into a great fantasy about my teacher from school fucking me in front of the whole class with the other girls forced to watch, (Ok, and masturbate). What I didn't realise was that my door wasn't quite shut, I guess and it had opened enough for mom to see me.

My eyes were pressed tight shut, but I usually open them just as the big O hits, I like the visual effect I get as the whole fucking world splinters up around me. This time I opened my eyes and stared straight into moms.

WAY too close to stop, I cummed there and then, over and over, wave after wave. She stood there and watched.

Then, quite simply she shut the door and left. I was so embarrassed. It took the best part of three hours for me to leave my room and tip toe downstairs. I had heard the door go and moms car in the drive, and for a second I wondered if I had pissed her off to the extent she had left me on my own. Then I heard her car come back and the door go again.

So I took a deep breath and pulled my robe on and went downstairs to face the music.

Mom told me sit down and I waited for the explosion. She said 'I didn't leave you, because it would have been insulting to walk out on your femininity. You have a beautiful body and I am so pleased you are learning about it.' Then I got the boys talk and how getting sperm on my pussy could be enough to get me pregnant. Then mom said 'Now, you may be ready for this or not, but cumming with something inside you is a whole different world. You have something to contract around and it makes the orgasm better. You should try this when you're ready.' And she handed me what she had left the house to buy... my own vibrator! She went on 'You can touch it to your clit, or fuck yourself with it thinking about a boy you like.' (Boy? Oh mom, if only you knew I was getting myself off over a middle aged man!) 'It may hurt the first time or two, but if you get used to this, your first time with a boy will be more pleasure than pain.

We had a great chat. Mom, I learned, uses one, and even has one for her ass. Mom said she masturbates every single day without fail and sometimes twice or more. She said 'Since your dad left, I find I am more sexual than ever and now I don't have to put up with him saying no to things that I want to do.'

Then she said 'Ok, your brother won't be home for a while. Go play...and Christina,... make as much noise as you want.'

I scooted up to my room and was going to shut the door, but I figured what the hell. I lay on my bed and switched it on and touched my clit with it but it was like WAY too much. Instead I rubbed my clit with my fingers as usual and gently eased it inside me (with the help of some KY that mom had also bought me.) It was going ok and then there was a stab of pain and some blood! I took a moment to calm myself and carried on. I was amazed that I could take all of it in me and then, Holy Fucking Shit, I had the cum of all cums. Scream? I nearly blew the windows out... and I wet everywhere.

Mom later told me all about squirting, but I think I peed myself really. I know one thing, she was right. Cumming with something in me was WAY better!

Later that night, I listened really hard and I heard mom's little friend buzz into life too.

So, then over the next few months I learned what I like with my very own toy! I regret one thing though. I would have liked a 'girls night in' with mom. I would have loved to just put on some porn, watch it with her and get myself off. I would NOT have wanted us to touch each other...too gross...but just to have a horny night watching porn and cumming as and when either of us felt like it... yeah, I would have liked that.

My own daughter is 12 now, and getting quite developed. I am sure as shit going to get her a vibrator when I think she is ready.

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