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My Cock and I

Well for the first time in months I have the house to myself so after thinking about having a wank since last night it's time to get naked and have a little read here on Solo Touch, slip on my stainless steel cockring and get hard while reading about doing it. I love reading stories about couples doing it together as my wife and I enjoy that too. Reading about hard cocks and wet slippery cunts makes me so horny.

Anyway I was slowly stroking my hard cock and getting more turned on and wanting to go as long as I could when I was reading about filming cum sesions for your partner when that thought overtook all else, so I decided to set up my phone camera and record myself to show the wife later. After a bit of stuffing around I was set to go! My cock was hard and red and loving my slow strokes with small bits of pre cumming out to keep things slippery. Watching myself being filmed on my phone screen was a huge turn on as it was like watching some other guy stroke his cock which I would really like to see as I think it would be so hot watching and strokin with another guy and my wife doing herself with her favourite vibrator.

Watching my hard cock, which was leaking more now, and thinkin how much my wife would like this was starting to get to me and I had to slow things down!! So I started using only my thumb and forefinger on the side and back of my hard straining cockhead, as I found that when I am too close this can make me last longer before I just can't stop. By now my balls were really tingling and the cockring was making my cock so fuckin hard. Still slowly rubbing my fingers up and down my hard cock and head was feeling sooo good I wanted to do it all day. I love to play with my cock and try to as often as I can it's even more fun doing it and watching my hot wife do herself at the same time.

I love to get up close and watch her and love seeing her cum as she really cums hard and its better than any porn as I can touch and smell and cum all over myself and her! So here I am with a massive hard on getting closer with every stroke when I start to feel the first tingle of a good cum you know the feeling and fuck it feels nice don't it, so I stop for a bit and I have a small bit of a cum not a full blown orgasm but a wee little one just to let me know what's cumming and that is soo nice smearing that over my really slippery cock.

I knew it wouldn't be long till I cumm hard and don't really want it to end but if it don't end it isn't a good wank is it? Also knowing how horny I was I knew I would do it again before everyone gets home. So I was sitting there watching myself on the screen trying not to cum just yet and at the same time wanting to spray my cum everywhere. Man I needed to cum soon as my cock was so hard. After making my cock super slick with my own cum I knew I couldn't hold back anymore and just went for it but I still took it real slow as I knew it wouldn't be long and then I felt my balls tighten up (like they are right now)and stopped all strokin and just let my orgasm cum over me.

Watching my cum pump out and down my hard cock was awesome with some going over my hand and onto my tight balls wanting to finish with some more cum. I started to spread my cum all over my cock and balls and that really tipped me over and I kept on cumming more than normal and fuck it felt good. Ahhhhh that was so nice and I can't wait for my next one which wont be long as I am hard as right now and slowly doing it again. I think I need to stop talking and go finish off again. Hope everyone is having as much fun with their cocks and pussies as I am right now. See ya, gotta go, cumming soon.

Posted on: 2011-07-27 00:00:00 | Author: