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Saving It Up

Hi everyone!

Let me start by saying I'm a big fan of this site. I usually look at it daily. I also love to masturbate, which I also do daily, if not twice a day. Some days I'll even go three, four, five or six times hell!. I think my record for masturbating in a single day is 14. What a day that was. I was alone all day with nothing to do, and often when I'm bored and start masturbating I'll just keep wanting to do it more! I was dry by the end of that night. My norm though is once or twice a day. Point being, I masturbate frequently. What I am doing now though is somewhat of a technique, I have stopped masturbating for the time being, I'm, 'saving it up'. For those of you who don't know, holding off on jacking off for a few days can really give you awesome orgasms when you finally do. I remember the first time I tried this.

I was on vacation with my family. This was about five years ago I think. I was 16 or 17. Since I was with my family, I hadn't masturbated in a couple days, I had been pretty busy on vacation. I then realized after a couple days that I hadn't. But I thought, hey, maybe I'll try saving it up. Well I got to day number five and we went swimming. Needless to say it was getting tough. Seeing all the girls in swim suits was really getting me going. When I went back to the room I rinsed off in the shower, I still had my suit on. I was so horny just the water running on my dick was enough to make it throb. I pulled down my suit and my cock came springing out. I let the water run on it. I examined it in my hands. It was hard, harder than any erection I had ever had before. I thought it must be because I hadn't released in five days. I got out and dried off. I thought about waiting longer but my cock was still throbbing. I had a feeling I was in for a great orgasm, and decided I didn't wanna wait any longer.

There I sat naked right on the floor. I often like jacking on the floor and watching it shoot, it's easy to see and clean up that way too. I'm not sure why but knowing my family was right in the next room was a turn on too. I started jacking, it felt amazing. The sensation was more intense than usual. It took not even 15 seconds of jacking before I came. I was in heaven as roughly six shots of thick semen squirted to the floor. My normal orgasms yield maybe two or three shots, and last about four or five seconds, this one lasted about nine or ten. Man was it worth it. Not only can you feel the pleasure of the contractions, but because there is so much semen you can also feel the liquid flowing through you. That feeling with the contractions is just breathtaking.

I'm currently saving it up as we speak, I'm at day five now, maybe I'll write again, see how long I can last.

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