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I Love My Cousin More Than I Thought

It started three years ago when I had met my cousin only then we didn't know we were related till after we had our first kiss.

Well fast forward five months later we were bored and were playing 20 questions at her house. Well we were asking really dirty questions that led me to asking her out. She said yes. Jessie was her name.

Well Jessie wanted to play truth or dare so I agreed since we were both really horny. We both dared each other to strip. She has an amazing body, shes 5'4', weighs 108lbs, shiny brown hair and nice perky tits, a round ass and a tight pussy.

I got the nerve to dare her to jack me off, she did it and she was pumping for a good five minutes and I eventually shot streams of cum all over the both of us. Then she dared me to play with her pussy. I pumped my fingers in and out over and over till she climaxed and I felt her tighten up, it was amazing.

Posted on: 2011-07-08 00:00:00 | Author: