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Big Blue

I usually masturbate with my hand and some lube. The lube I use provides just the right slipperiness, and I can change my stroke and touch different areas to build the tension and control the speed with which I cum. But once in a while I like to use a masturbation sleeve. I've had a number of them over the years, including one that has a case that looks like a flashlight. My cock is big enough that it doesn't take long for the smaller ones to split. But a favorite that I have is one that I call Big Blue.

This one has thick walls, a hole that's about the size of my little finger, and it's long enough that I have to have it all of the way against my balls before it pushes out the open end. The inside has
subtle ribs that tickle the rim as I slide it up and down the shaft of my cock. It's delicious.

It had been a while since I had used Big Blue. But one afternoon found me interested in something other than the usual. There's always something on Solo Touch that gets me hard, and it wasn't long before my cock was standing proud, ready to go. I put the lube on the head of my cock, and some around the cunt shaped opening of Big Blue and down the middle.

I rolled the opening around the end of my cock, teasing myself before penetrating, feeling the initial pleasure and anticipation. Then I pushed down slowly, the head feeling every ripple as I stretched the opening to take my girth. TIGHT, wonderfully TIGHT and snug. It felt SO good.

Reading, picturing the couples in action (I like brother/sister stories), feeling the pleasure as each rib sliding over the rim of my cock, the tube stretching and closing back down as it follows the
contour of the head in a firm grip. I wanted to take my time.

But I couldn't help it, it didn't take long to cum. With that firm grip on my cock like a tight pussy, the pleasure was almost overwhelming. I came hard, jerking and twitching as my balls unloaded, leaving me breathless and satisfied on the bed....

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